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Dogs sleeping with humans

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  • Dogs sleeping with humans


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    For those of us that like our news right side up...

    I think the key point of the article is our dogs should not be shut out in the back yard by themselves - not that they have to be in our bed.
    Dr Holmes said people had wrongly believed for decades that problem dogs were bored pets.

    "But we've discovered boredom is not the big deal. The problem is an anxiety to be with people and we have seen a dramatic turnaround in treatment success rates by dealing with that issue instead," he said.


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      All our dogs sleep mostly near us... Not on the bed as we would have to move out, but they all settle on their own beds near us.......
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        Yes mine have choice of where they sleep. The cattle dogs and kelpie like to sleep in my bedroom the Border collies prefer their crates in the laundry. No dogs on bed because they would turn my bed into a red dusty hairy mess. Not something I fancy and they dont want to sleep there either. I only ever had one dog, my heart dog sleep on my bed on her own rug. We lived near the beach then and the downside was a sandy bed.


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              Up until winter last year i was firmly against dogs in the bed...then...i got cold and felt bad for T1 being neglected in favour of the puppy. So I let T1 sleep in the bed. Come summer, she is evicted to her crate...but when it is winter again...if it is cold....T1...and if very cold and he can sleep the night through without wiggling...T2