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How could this have happened to my sweet princess?

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  • How could this have happened to my sweet princess?

    My chihuahua who was only 7 years old recently died this past Sunday. I dont know how and dont know why and it kills me everyday knowing there was nothing i could do for my baby. She was my princess and was there for me every single day. Thursday she was fine, her normal self. I came home Thursday, gave her and my other dog who is a 3 year old beagle a bath and everything was fine. By late Friday night is when she firat Vomited. I didnt really think nothing of it, it was late so we went to bed just thinking she ate something that upset her stomach. The next morning she was just laying around not really actung like her self but nothing alarming. By Saturday evening we noticed she would not eat a bite, we tried everything and anything she normally would eat and would not touch it. She did drink water however. She vomited more and more. By Saturday night we also noticed she didnt have very good balance, wouldnt walk much or move. Sunday morning still vomiting and wouldnt eat still, so i got freaked out at this point. I immediately called emergency animal hospitals, everyone i called just to see her was $200 not including medicine or blood work, they said $500-$600 for everything and that was not even included if she needed surgery. My husband said she should be okay we will wait and take her to our vet first thing Monday morning because those prices are ridiculous. By Sunday night drinking a little water, still no eating and vomiting more. She was laying in her cage and i left the door open. She wobble out and came laying in the living room floor (not like her at all) she loved laying on the couch in the blankets. So i put her under a blanket on the floor to make her comfortable. She then went to sleep for about 3 hours. All of a sudden she woke up, vomited and just collapsed on her side. I knew something wasnt right. I am panicking. At this point she is paintig with her tounge out. 10 minutes later she passed away. This has been so hard on my family and i. Its just so unexpected. And i cannot get over the fact how can a healthy 7 year old dog go from her playful self to getting sick and dying within less than 48 hours. I have researched and researched the web, ive calles vets and still no answers. I have so much guilt that my baby died in pain and i couldn't do anything for her. I know its nothing she ate, she was very picky and anything she ate my other dog ate and she is perfectly fine. Waa it the bath i gave her? An infection?