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  • Seeking feedback for idea

    Hello everyone. This is my first post on this forum, thanks for having me

    A few weeks ago, I found out that my beautiful dog daughter Manni had been diagnosed with Chondrosorcoma, and only had a little time left. I was in the USA driving from west to east coast at the time. As soon as we heard the news, we changed our flights home to the next day and hightailed it back. Lucky we did, because two days after we returned, we had to say goodbye. It was the worst 72 hours of my life.

    We buried her in Warburton on a friend's property, because the Yarra was her favourite place in the whole world (all of our friends actually called her the 'Land Otter' because of her obsession with dive-bombs and swimming downstream).

    Anyway... my question is this. I was contemplating starting a new podcast, simply talking to people that have had to say goodbye to their furry friends. Is this a feasible idea? I have just taken a step back from my comedy podcast, and already this idea is indicating more satisfaction to me. It would be an open dialogue for anyone who wants to share their feelings, whether it be a recent loss, a loss about to happen, or even an old loss that never got soothed enough.

    Please advise! I'd love to do this, not just for everyone that may be involved, but myself as well. Good hearted therapy for all



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    Hi BradleeJay

    It's not something I would want to listen to. I'm much keener on the dog training podcasts like "Bad Dog Agility"...

    There are quite a few grief related podcasts.

    I only found one that was grief and pet related

    And it seems to have been made by someone who is an "animal communicator" ie there was quite the craze a while back where you could hire a "medium" or even consult one for free - for communication with your pet - alive or dead. (WTF).

    Given you're already familiar with how to put a podcast together - I don't see why you couldn't try this.

    My neighbour's old boxer died yesterday - probably old age - he was 11 which is old for a boxer. Neighbour and his son and the other boxer are all quite upset about it. So they might benefit - tho I suspect my neighbour is not much into podcasts.

    If you put a "pilot podcast" together - I'd be ok with you mentioning it here for people to listen to - much easier to give feedback on something we've actually heard some of.

    Tho I probably would not.

    Some of the best stuff is done by people who are driven to do it - need to do it, can't not do it... I get the feeling you need to do this even if nobody listens to it.

    You might find the stories about this book helpful - it was written with no audience in mind. Or more accurately an audience of 1 or zero (depending if you count the author).

    or I heard about it on a radiolab podcast

    Ie my feedback is do it anyway - you clearly need to. PS and do it like you're dancing and nobody can see you - ie make it how it feels right to you and not what you think we would want.


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      Hi and sorry for your loss. I too lost a dog suddenly about a month ago. I think for some people especially if they are on on their own or perhaps suffering from the inevitable feelings of guilt when you lose a beloved pet the ability to be able to share those feeling is very high. I personally have used the lightening strikes pet loss forum where there is a lovely caring woman (Moonbeam) on there who will reply to your posts and offer words of wisdom for as long as you need, she really seems to be able to empathise and understand. You can also read other peoples journeys.

      I have never used a podcast. Where I live which is remote, connection and data are always an issue so I don't really know what they are although I can imagine.

      The thing that you will need is to understand the grief process and the ability to listen. From reading posts and conversations about the loss of pets I think that it has a lot of merit particularly for people who are really struggling. I remember a few years ago when I lost an old dog to cancer and like your loss it was sudden and unexpected and I was haunted for a long time with feelings of guilt at not having picked it up earlier. At the same time a middle aged lonely single man in the USA lost his beloved dog. He was crusty bloke, a gunsmith by trade and he had a long conversation in that forum with Moonbeam and myself. He was all alone and being a macho man could not share his devastation anywhere else. He told Moonbeam and myself that we had saved his life having allowed him to share all his feeling with us that he could not show in his real life.


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        I think the key difference between a podcast and a forum - is interactive nature of a forum - is not there in a podcast. A podcast is more like a lecture or radio broadcast. And not talk back either (Tho you'd get close if you did FB or youtube live instead).


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          Not sure if that would be something I would listen to.... I am sorry of the sudden loss of your dog, so sad for you.

          I lost a very young dog suddenly, which seems not so long ago, though three years in December. I was devastated........ I was very lucky that I was able to communicate my grief and sorrow quite openly on FB, as we were so well known as a Water rescue Team... people kept me sane as did the many pictures and videos of her. We all deal differently, I am very open, maybe it is because I share my dogs so much with all the Demos and water rescue work we do with all of our certainly helped that many people knew her felt sad about her and had stories about her.

          But to listen about other people grieving that I did not know, would most likely be a bit depressing for me personally. But it might be great for others, so I would do it and see the reaction you get. Even if you help only one person or yourself, you have succeeded.

          It surely hits you hard......because I have nearly always a Team of five or six, I thought it would be easier, but the loss of a young one so unexpected just did me in......I hope you are ok
          sigpicPets are forever


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            Originally posted by newfsie View Post

            It surely hits you hard......because I have nearly always a Team of five or six, I thought it would be easier, but the loss of a young one so unexpected just did me in......I hope you are ok
            Yes it sure does I also have a team of 5 or 6 and about 5 weeks ago I lost one of my best dogs in the prime of his life and I have no idea what happened, he died on his way to the vet. He had just gained his agility champion title and was doing really well at herding. Like you I had the support of the dog trialing community but I couldn't believe what a huge hole he leaves despite having my other dogs.

            However I think it could be useful for some people to hear other peoples stories. When you have no closure sometimes it helps to listen to other people with similar stories as you try to figure out what went wrong and deal with feelings of intense guilt. When you hear other peoples stories you realise that you are not alone in your situation.