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  • Politically (in) correct in Australia


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      • sean and reyzor walk into a bar... they both say ouch...


        • And this is why you don't use Wordpress with stock credentials and customization on your site .. (NSFW but no graphics, link probably wouldn't look good in your browsing history)

          The Best Free Porn Website For The Adults - Aboriginal Affairs

          Had to shorten the URL as I got booted by the servers firewall


          • link not found ..
            was that the joke



            • LOL they finally caught it.

              A screenshot of what it was:


              • For the people with adobe flash player installed.
                here's an oldie but a goodie. was a song from a movie in the 80's. but made into a cartoon on a loop.
                i'll include youtube clip of scene in movie.

                lots of good stuff on weebls-stuff
                Anything Kosher - Weebl's Stuff

                orginal clip from movie from 80's, "say anything" i think it was


                • Interview with 101 year-old Hattie Mae MacDonald of Feague, Kentucky:


                  Reporter: Can you give us some health tips for reaching the age of 101?

                  Hattie: For better digestion I drink beer.

                  In the case of appetite loss I drink white wine.

                  For low blood pressure I drink Red Wine.

                  In the case of high blood pressure I drink scotch.

                  And when I have a cold I drink Schnapps.

                  Reporter: When do you drink water?

                  Hattie: I've never been that sick


                  • thanks for the chuckles


                    • Caution if there are sensitive ears nearby, this clip contains some course language.


                      • I love that sailing thing. Not sure how long it will last on youtube given how bizarrely strict they are about copyright.

                        So - every good joke thing deserves another. This just came up on my facebook feed and for some reason I think the dog looks very happy and I'm not game to click the link - mostly because all I will get on FB will be doggy porn after this.

                        dogs with vibrators - he looks so happy.JPG


                        • An oldie but a goodie !

                          Did you hear about Sara Hanson-Young, Tony Jones, and an Officer of the Special Air Service being captured by ISIS terrorists.

                          After a very brief 'trial', all three were to be executed by beheading.

                          Unusually, they were each granted a wish. Hanson-Young chose to hear a rendition of - 'Keep the Red Flag Flying Here', prior to her beheading.

                          Tony Jones asked that the whole event be broadcast on the ABC, just so he could have his face on the screen one last time.

                          The SAS officer asked to be kicked in the arse three times.

                          This, being the strangest of the requests, was granted first by the ISIS leader.

                          As the third kick landed upon his rear end, the SAS Officer withdrew a pistol from his smock, rapidly shot the three closest terrorists, grabbed an AK47 dropped by one of them and shot dead the remaining terrorists present.

                          Hanson-Young and Jones were in awe of the speed in which the situation was resolved. Tony Jones however, couldn't help but ask the soldier, 'Why did you ask to be kicked in the arse three times first?'

                          The soldier replied - 'Because I didn't want you two arse-wipes getting back to Australia and telling the Australian people it was an unprovoked attack' !
                          Sums up things very well - Don't you think ?


                          • LOL ! Received this via email from my 80 year old God-Mother !

                            Remind you of someone you know ?

                            I have a little Satnav, it sits there in my car. A Satnav is a driver's friend it tells you where you are. I have a little Satnav, I've had it all my life. It's better than the normal ones, my Satnav is my wife.

                            It gives me full instructions, especially how to drive "It's sixty miles an hour", it says, "You're doing sixty five". It tells me when to stop and start, and when to use the brake And tells me that it's never ever, safe to overtake.

                            It tells me when a light is red, and when it goes to green It seems to know instinctively, just when to intervene. It lists the vehicles just in front, and all those to the rear. And taking this into account, it specifies my gear.

                            I'm sure no other driver, has so helpful a device. For when we leave and lock the car, it still gives its advice. It fills me up with counselling, each journey's pretty fraught. So why don't I exchange it, and get a quieter sort?

                            Ah well, you see, it cleans the house, makes sure I'm properly fed. It washes all my shirts and things, and keeps me warm in bed!

                            Despite all these advantages, and my tendency to scoff, I only wish that now and then, I could turn the bugger off.