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  • People Disgust Me

    Today I was trying to turn right at one of the busiest intersections in this City, the car in front of me had crawled forward into the intersection (like you do when you're trying to turn without an arrow). The light went orange, and as it turned to red, the elderly gentleman in the car started to turn through the intersection but a car going straight ran the red light and collided with the other car, causing the elderly mans car to spin around and remain in the middle of the intersection, leaking fuel and fluid everywhere.

    The driver of the car who ran the red light managed to drive his car and park but he didn't get out of his car, didn't check if the elderly man was alright. There would have been at least 40 cars who witnessed the accident and not a single person stopped to see if the man was ok, they just merged into one lane and drove around his car, in the middle of the intersection, with him still in it.

    When I got the green light again, I pulled over and went to help this poor old man out of his car, by then a man from a nearby restaurant who only heard the accident was also coming over to help.

    The elderly man was okay, just very shaken up and in shock but it absolutely disgusted me that I was the only person who witnessed it and stopped to help the poor man, and I was also disgusted that the guy who ran the red light didn't check if he was ok either, he sat in his car and didn't say a word to anybody until the police arrived.

    How heartless, selfish and rushed people are becoming these days!!

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    Thats why i left the big smoke for a more rural setting. While the towns not full of flash things the people are real. They talk to each other and get to know each other.
    The floods while devastating bought this towns people even closer together and its been amazing...but the culture was there before the floods hit anyway.

    Good onya Kristy...good karma will be coming your way now.

    I would have lost it at the tosser who ran the red light...a car accident would have been the least of his problems !!!
    With a bit of luck he was a suspended driver and will do time for it.

    Originally posted by reyzor
    Education is important, but big biceps are more importanter ...


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      'Kristy.Maree' - the really and truly sad fact of life nowadays - is if you do the supposed 'wrong thing' or perceived wrong thing in these sort of circumstances - that is helping someone - and they or their family believe that you caused this person harm - then you are liable to be sued - big time !

      That is why people like nurses and doctors are extremely careful and reluctant to stop at accidents and the like.

      It is a shame - but what can you do ?


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        Hi Riley

        I think they've changed the rules on that these days.

        At least someone with a (current?) first aid certificate who acts in good faith - cannot be held liable for anything that might go wrong.

        You shouldn't be punished for doing the right thing. But we're still working on that.

        KM - you did the right thing. Hope the red light guy goes to jail. He shouldn't be allowed on the road behind the wheel ever again.


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          You're right people can be pretty low sometimes.

          My brother was leaving work a couple of weeks back and saw an elderly lady run up onto the footpath and crash her car into a tree, there were at least a dozen people standing around and not one of them went to check if she was OK some even walked around the car and just kept going on their way. My brother went over to her and called the ambulance, turns out she was concussed because she'd whacked her head pretty hard against the steering wheel. Some other people eventually stopped to help as well and stayed with her until the ambulance arrived, I guess that's the city for you.