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    I won't bother with a tarp down for mine, when I have straw in the back, because I know it'll escape into the tray somehow anyway along with stray chicken pellets and dog fur. I don't mind, I'm realistic about that - I'll just clean it regularly. I'm the opposite, prefer black cars, I just like their sleekness, but for a working car that's unparalleled in an SS ute imo. Dunno what luggage within the cabin is like in an SS since they're all tray, can't imagine it's good but then you have an entire back half of a car (if not more) to spread your gear out in so it's sort of pointless, except for maybe small/delicate bags.
    I'm gonna be on my P's in september so can't afford any 4x4 utes, gaz guzzling giants that I just wouldn't get the use from. I prefer SS types anyway because of their look - shallow? yes. But I admit it - a sleek ute is my preferred car. 'Specially if it's a V8 but then I can't afford to feed that, either hahaha.


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      Lol my first car will be a land rover discovery td3
      A ligth blue colour lol my hole family has landys
      So I don't whant to be the odd one out lol
      If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
      I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
      No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye


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        Lol @ Striker

        A diesel 4WD uses less fuel than a V8 petrol ute. Me and my brother have proved that many times. I imagine it doesn't help that V8s tend to cause lead foot syndrome - and then just watch the fuel gauge slurp to zero fast.

        Black looks good until it gets dirty... it's also one of the least visible colours on the road (other cars will prang into you). And if the AC breaks down in summer - they're OMG Suffocating. Even my friend - who owned a black Ferrari convertible - preferred to go out in my white land cruiser in summer...


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          LOL yes, but both diesel and V8s are expensive - I can't afford either one haha. I know black dirties quicker, and the heat is bad if your AC shuts down, I've had dark cars in the family for years. I just like the way they look hahaa, but I'm not fussy on colour. If a nice one comes along and it's white, or any other colour, then fine by me. Only colour I don't like is that greenish gold, looks tacky in my view.


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            Ewwwww snot green yuck who will drive a car that is snot green
            they have to be a greeny to drive it
            If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
            I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
            No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye


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              My mum always used to call it baby s**t green, lmao. I think that's the only colour I'd be properly against getting.


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                well there's baby shit brown. And I would avoid any colour that blends into the road eg bitumen grey...

                if you've got dirt roads - the car will end up blending in no matter what colour you choose.

                You used to be able to get old commodore V8s really cheap - cos nobody wanted them for a while... My brother had an old holden ute (HZ maybe) that had an engine in the back that did more miles there than it did under the hood.


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                  You still can get them quite cheap, only they always need something done to them. I live suburban so dirt roads aren't much of an issue. I like those dark greys, but they're only on the more expensive utes, ie. 2010 + usually


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                    Done in 2hr while on the phone to a friend. I actually work better on the phone to him because I can do art absent-mindedly instead of feeling like I'm wasting time!

                    Pasted from my DA description, if you're interested:

                    Caustic Dwellers live underground in chambers that are home to many different types of creatures, most with hard armor to protect against falling rocks and injuries from other creatures. This type of reptile evolved to spit caustic acid to dissolve their prey's shells from the outside, much like spiders inject venom into their prey to dissolve from the inside out. The acid is a mixture of concentrated pepsin (acid found in the stomach) and other acids, highly corrosive and very hot, and eats through the proteins in the shell and through the rest of the prey's body. The Dwellers avoid having their own venom dissolve their throats as their esophagus is lined with cells coated with a venom-resistant protein. The venom denatures on arrival to the stomach, becoming neutralized. The death is excruciating as it literally eats right through the creature while it's still alive. It helps dissolve the prey for the Dweller to eat faster to avoid theft by other animals.

                    The colours on the Dwellers' bodies harbour ultraviolet cells and certain bacteria that glow, producing a range of patterns distinct to the individual, helping for identification. Despite living underground, they have excellent eyesight, and their pupils dilate to almost the size of the iris when in full darkness (most of the time). There is a third eyelid that comes down over the eye in the event of bright light or daylight, to protect the sensitive optic nerves.

                    The appendages on top of it's head and neck act like a lateral line in fish, serving to detect airborne vibrations and soundwaves from possible prey and other Dwellers. They serve as close to ears as the Dwellers can get - no actual ears are present, although very fine nerves run down through the appendages and connect with the brain. The Dwellers dislike having the fin-appendages touched as they are hypersensitive.

                    Caustic Dwellers are the only known subterranean Dwellers, and are almost the most colourful. The rest of their body is roughly the same colour as their lower neck, with exceptions of the tail and bio luminescent spots on their feet.

                    (c) Carolina Lang
                    -NOT STOCK - Do not steal either the art or the description (inc. concept). May be open for adopts later on, if enough interest is shown. Also might add more to the description when I'm not feeling tapped out.


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                      8hrs in Photoshop Elements
                      - Gift for my sister


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                        I’m sorry for bumping an old thread, but I have never seen such an amazing and beautiful pet portrait before

                        Great work, Do you happen to have an Etsy page by chance?

                        Have a wonderful day, and make sure to let me know!

                        I’m actually a pet portrait artist myself, but I’m nowhere near as good as you with a brush. I only work in Photoshop.

                        SketchGrowl Pet Portraits