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  • Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone,

    We have been searching and reading and looking for a pup to join our little family for quite sometime now, and after the search we have now settled for a mixed breed Rottweiler(father) crossed with dalmation(mother). we aren't getting the puppy until another 4-5 weeks approximately once the pup is 8-9 weeks old.

    we have 2 little ones, our son is turning 3(next week) and our daughter is turning 2 so we want them to grow together with our puppy.

    As it is quite a unique cross which we did not have on our mind at all, but seeing the nature of both parents and how placid, friendly and well behaved they were and after doing our research on both breeds we fell in love with Rocky (wife has named him already =D).

    Considering we have never had such a mix breed we do appreciate any advise, with training, diet, anything we should look out for expect that isn't necessarly text book behaviour would be highly appreciated.

    We look forward in being an ongoing member of this forum.

    Thank you all in advance29663628_2044458772235462_2069175545_n.jpg

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Quite an unusual mix there! The closest I've ever seen to that would be a Rottie X Poodle.

    I have little to no experience with either breed but hopefully other members will have advice for you.

    One thing I do know is that both Rotties and Dalmatians shed heaps so I hope you've got a good vacuum, haha!


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      I have known rotties and dalmations but not a mix. If this is you first puppy do you have a well run puppy school in your area? It is going to really important to learn how to socialise your puppy in that first 16 weeks to get him used to a lot of new experiences in a careful way. You will also have to teach your little ones to be gentle and have respect for puppy. Crate training is always a good idea so you can contain him safely if you need to and he has a safe place to retreat to and rest. Dont let the little ones disturb him in his crate.

      He is a big breed so you need to make sure you allow his growing bones and joints to mature without too much stress so careful exercise in the early months. Rotties in particular can be susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia which is genetic but can also be influenced by early nutrition and over exercise. I doubt if his breeder screened his parents hips and elbows before they were bred so genetics is something you cant control but other factors you can. Definitely don't let him get too chubby as that can put strain on his growing joints. Best not to let him run up and down stairs. Have non slip surfaces for him to play on.

      Training will also be important. He will probably be a smart dog so early training with lots of positive reinforcement will be important. Also helpful to teach him from a puppy to allow his paws, mouth and body to be handled and also that you can feed him and remove food and toys from him without any problems. So watch for any resource guarding potential. This will be important with young ones around.

      Nutrition is always a hot topic with lots of different views. I just feed a good quality dog biscuit early on as a staple. Dont add things like calcium as this can be damaging if it is not in the right ratio with phosphorus. But you can also feed vegies, raw meat, eggs, sardine, yoghurt, some liver etc if you want. I add raw bones but make sure they are not bones he can choke on and don't overfeed him

      I am sure people will post helpful information. Good luck with him!
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        thank you maddog for your response


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          thank you for your detailed response kalacreek highly appreciate the advice. no not my first puppy, but definitely first puppy of such mix and we haven't had a dog over the past 3 years because of the kids, thought Id wait until they are old enough to understand when spoken to. =D


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            Welcome to the Forum Kaya,

            I think it's too late to tell you that you should never buy a pup or dog from a Backyard Breeder...Pet Shop or Puppy Mill as these lowlifes only care about money and never the Health or Temperament of the dogs...especially when there are heaps of puppies and dogs in Rescue all looking for loving homes.

            Having owned a Rottie...I can tell you they are gentle loving big sooks who love kids and make great family pets...however because you have a Mix Breed...who's to say how he/she will turnout ie...Health and/or Temperament...the same can be said for Pure Breed Dogs too.

            My boy Zorro is a Rottie Mix...I got him from Rescue when he was 16 mths old and have had him 3 years now. He's a loving...gentle and very smart little man (28kg) and even has his own chair but he prefers to cuddle upto me on the lounge. If I'm sitting in his chair and he wants to sit in it...he half climbs on me and if I don't move...he gets up on the lounge and just drops on me so I have to should see the look on his face.

            Just remember to supervise kids around dogs...especially puppies because pups can get hurt and when the pup grows into an adult...they can knock over small kids and you don't want that.
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              There are two really good books that you can get for free as Ebooks

              Google Ian Dunbar Free books

              "Before you get your puppy" and "after you get your puppy"

              I ask all my clients to read these if they are planning a puppy

              Be prepared for a lot of work, have patience and fun

              the earlier you start setting up training the more fun you will have with your pup

              I have never met a cross like this, but both are high energy dogs so be prepared....
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                thank you for your advice and we tried to adopt but with the kids it was turned into nearly mission impossible that's why we had to take this route .

                As for the kids and the puppy will always have adult supervision regardless of separate or together


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                  newfsie thank you, have downloaded both books and will have a thorough read as we are not far off bringing home our puppt


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                    WoW ! 'kaya' -
                    As it is quite a unique cross which we did not have on our mind at all, but seeing the nature of both parents and how placid, friendly and well behaved they were and after doing our research on both breeds we fell in love with Rocky (wife has named him already =D).

                    The last thing you need in your life is a pup that could have heaps of health problems and the huge vet expenses involved.

                    So, I suggest you both continue on with your research and homework to find a pup suitable for your family !
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