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g'day folks!! newbie brissy member :)

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  • g'day folks!! newbie brissy member :)

    hi everyone my names lee and im a proud chowchow owner!! I'm very passionate about this breed and hope to become a breeder in the near future. ive always been fascinated about the breed and have wanted one for a very long time! ive actually never seen one in real life until the day i visited the breeders.

    my puppy is named hugo and hes a pure breed chow chow.both he's parents are ex show dogs and are past aus champions. hes very well socialized and is great with kids and other dogs. if theres anyone on this forum from brissy who owns a chow i would love to hear from u cheers!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I've only seen the occasional chow at dog shows but never actually met one properly.

    Your pup looks gorgeous and sounds like he has a lovely temperament


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      I've only met one before too! He's so handsome !


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        Welcome and what a handsome pup you have !

        As 'maddogdodge' said - I also have only ever come across this breed of pup at shows.

        I am sure there would be heaps of other things you could say about your pup - Please !

        For a start - How old is he ? Do you intend to show him ?


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          Yeh he's almost 1 now! Some of those photos are a little old. I don't have many new photos of him on my phone. And yeh when we first got him we were originally gonna show him but decided not too. Our breeders now friends Kylie and Keith are largely into there shows and do very well.


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            WOW. I've never seen a chowchow.

            He looks like a wombat in that shot of you holding him! Good luck and welcome.