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Zoe The Dog And Her Human From Leongatha

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  • Zoe The Dog And Her Human From Leongatha

    I joined this excellent forum a few days ago, and have now settled into my new surroundings, soooooo.......

    Allow me to introduce my beautiful miniature fox terrorist, seen here modelling the latest wool-blend beanie.

    Zoe enjoys walking, sleeping, eating, and barking at cats. One day, she hopes to be a rottweiler.

    Understanding that canine pets and their masters always end up looking alike, Zoe has accepted the early onset of grey fur around her snout.

    My little dog is ninety percent angel and ten percent devil. Her mood swings are frequent and unpredictable, which is hard-wired into the breed's DNA.

    zoe the dog.jpg
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    Welcome, I like the wicked glint in her eyes.


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      What a lovely intro for you and your dog.

      My dog loves all those things too, and licking herself. Urk.


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        Hello welcome to the board, your dog is so beautiful.


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          In my younger years, I wanted everything. The fastest car, the biggest house, work promotion, exotic holidays etc etc etc.

          Over the last decade and a half, my priorities have changed somewhat., and I have very few materialistic goals. A warm bed, healthy food, lots of exercise and a loving circle of family and friends are what is important now. My dog taught me that.

          RIP Zoe 1st November 2004 to 30th December 2019. I miss my little girl so much.

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