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Guidelines for new members - introduce yourself

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  • Guidelines for new members - introduce yourself

    Hi all

    Thought I'd write a few notes to help new members.

    Please start a new thread in the "introduce yourself" thread and write a little bit about why you joined, how you found us, and maybe add some photos of your favourite dog(s). This is especially useful if you have joined from somewhere outside Australia - so we know you're human and want to talk about dogs.

    If you post a link - even if it is only your email address - in your first few posts - your post will be automatically hidden from everybody - except moderators until they notice and "approve" your post. This is to help prevent spammers posting lots of links in their posts and then running away. The easiest way around this is to post no links in your first post that you make a new thread with - then post your links with photos of your gorgeous dogs - in your second post (reply to your first). Mods are more likely to find this and approve it so everyone can see.

    Hopefully everyone here will be polite, but not everyone will always agree with you (that would be boring), so look at that as a learning opportunity - ask questions about why.

    Some useful bit of the forum include "new posts" and "quick links" (green menu bar near the top of the page)

    And you can set up a photo album in here via "my profile" - top right of the page and then use the img tag to insert image link the pictures directly into your post. also works quite well for this.

    Some popular questions about dogs and puppies have been asked many times and the easiest way to find them is to do a google site search eg for threads and posts about puppy biting , cut and paste the following into the google search field.

    puppy biting

    About the advice offered on here - we take no responsibility for if it works or not. We often disagree on what to do anyway but we all love trying to help. It's up to you to decide what you would like to try or not.

    And if you've joined from work or lurking from work using your work stuff - your boss knows. Trust me. You might want to check your employee policy about internet use - it may or may not be ok - even in your own time to use work equipment and access for not work stuff. Your boss may or may not care - just be aware it's very easy for them to track where you go on the internet. For some of you - this might be work - hopefully one of the fun parts

    If you post the same message in multiple forums at the same time - we may remove you and your post as spam. We might not but it's subjective. Many regulars here are regulars in other forums too and posting the same post in many places is somewhat irritating. And sometimes it's just spam - especially if it contains a business name.

    There are some rules here...

    and here

    and here
    Dogforum News

    PS here's how to upload a photo and put it in a post.
    at top right of web page click on
    my profile

    then on the menu down the left side
    there should be something that says
    and maybe "more"

    click on more
    then create new album on the far right of page that comes up.

    then you can follow the links to upload some photos

    It will offer you (as the owner of the album) some tags that you can use to insert the picture into your post

    copy the ones with img in square brackets at the beginning and end... including the img bit and paste that into a post...

    Hopefully that will work without mods needing to approve but one of us will be along soon to approve it if it doesn't automatically happen. Give us 24 hours to approve then bump the thread by making a new post asking us to approve the one with your photo links in it.
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    Great post Hya,

    For some reason this didnt show up in 'whats new?' i'm bumping this.

    Also, even if you are from Australia it wouldn't be a bad idea to at least say what state your from. Certainly helps other members give certain advice if we at least know what part of Oz your from.

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      might be because "introduce yourself" is in "off topic". Tho I thought the only bit of Off topic that didn't show up was the "restricted to members" bit. Have to go check that out separately.


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        I've updated to include a message about posting across different forums - you may be removed for spamming - depending on the nature of the post (eg grooming business spam).