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Viewing likes in my mobile.

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  • Viewing likes in my mobile.

    I use the forum on my phone a lot because I am always out and about.

    I get the little yellow circle with a number in it up the top of the screen, I tap it and it says "1 new like" so I tap on that and it goes to my profile but shows nothing. I have no idea how to change this. Is it my phone or is it a system thing on the admin side?

    Does this work for anyone else?

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    I noticed that too and I think it's a bug.

    I have started using the mobile app regularly now I figured out how to show new posts only and found it pretty good. But one feature I really miss on the app is the "go to first unread".

    And for some reason yesterday my "quick reply" fields looked really tiny. I had not noticed that before.


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      mine does that too, so i've changed the viewing of the website on my phone from mobile view, to full website, that way it shows up on your phone like it does on a computer, and you can view your likes that way.

      I think you scroll right down to the bottom of the website and there should be two options - mobile site, or full website (or somewhere along those lines anyway)


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        Yeah, I used to do that. But I like the mobile view. It is handy that you don't have to zoom in and scroll sideways all the time.