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403 Error when trying to add photo's

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  • 403 Error when trying to add photo's

    As per title > I receive a 403 error msg when trying to add picture links.

    I can reply to posts if text only > as soon as I try to submit a reply with a URL to photo bucket I receive the error.
    If I remove the URL link the problem remains. I need to close and re-open the window/forum and find I can post (txt only) once again....

    Any thoughts?

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    I believe new members can't add links until they've had 10 posts (could be a different number, will have to double check that). However in general it tends to start a 'moderated thread' which myself or one of the other mods have to approve. Haven't seen any moderated threads/posts from you.

    Hopefully one of our other mods will pop in here and have some other ideas.

    Have you tried uploading photos directly through the 'insert image' option on the toolbar when replying?


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      Not sure about the 403 - database is a tiny bit flakey at the moment.

      You can't post http:// links until your 11th post... This is a way to slow spammers without everyone requiring approval before they can post. Given moderators here are volunteers - no need to make work for them.

      You could attach or upload a photo instead.


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        Error 403 - I worked out to be regarding the size of the photos you want to put up.

        I decreased the size to 300 and it then seemed to work. I still got the file attachment - but accepted that this is a problem with the forum itself.


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          My issue definitely appeared to be with being a new member with less than 10 posts (for anyone in future searching for same issue you now have 2 possible options to check)
          I must admit I didn't really look at the size and what I can/can't post as I was just trying to get any pic up at the start.....

          Problem has gone away as soon as I hit 11 posts


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            glad that one was easy to fix.