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  • Tplo surgery

    Hi all, my 4 yo lab cross has been diagnosed with a ruptured ccl. I've been advised that tplo surgery is her best option. She is weight bearing and has no problem getting around. I guess I'm after feedback, good and bad, from others in this situation or any advice. I hear it's fairly invasive and there can be major complications... tia

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    TPLO is completely routine these days. Just find a surgeon who has experience, preferably a specialist. My dog had bilateral TPLO years ago and went back to compete in agility and had no problems. Yes it is invasive they cut the bone, realign it and fix it in position with a metal plate. It is all pretty strong and if you follow the rehab protocol especially in the first 6 weeks when the bone is knitting together you should be fine. Important not to allow slipping and jumping. Complications are extremely rare these days according to my orthosurgeon at Murdoch University. There is an orthodog facebook group you can join and there is heaps of info and a stream of dogs recovering from TPLO.