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  • Bonnie and Rebel

    It has been a LONG time since I was last active here, so I'll put a before and after of both Bonnie (who will be 4 this year) and Rebel, One Who Lives Up To His Name, just going on 10 months (kennel name 'Truckaluck I Am Rebel').

    tiny rebel.jpg


    And now...


    Rebel is such a k**b to Bonnie. He really is. Chews on her ears, jumps on her, chews her legs, her paws, her neck. Had them both laying in the kitchen the other day and Bonnie was just sitting there placidly, and Rebel started chewing on her scruff, pulling it back so hard it pulled all the skin on her face as well, and I felt bad because I couldn't stop laughing at her expression. She seems content to just deal with it though haha. Where Bonnie fills the role of quiet, calm, super sweet, Rebel is the exact opposite (except, he really is a very kind dog, he likes cuddles too). Definitely picked the right name for him ¬.¬..

    We plan to start a breeding line with these two - Bonnie is unregistered, but I think that's fine since a LOT of the pedigree dogs I've met in my life have some condition or ailment, especially ones that show up later in life. Testing be damned, they've had the tests and still end up with a plethora of problems..(not all of them of course, just most of the ones I've met). So I'm throwing some new healthy blood into the mix. Won't be breeding for showing, but for decent, long-lived pets without the pedigree price tag. Rebel has a fairly varied but purebred pedigree, came from a breeder in Warrick, Qld who runs Truckaluck Kennels. His dad was a choc merle, his mum plain ol' choc and white, and let me say his dad was HUGE. Friendly dog though

    Bonnie we got from a farmer in Rosewood who, somehow, managed to get from Tamworth to Rosewood in 3 hours. Don't ask me how, guess he just drove like a bat out of hell. And managed to avoid every cop along the way haha. She was the last girl in a litter of 9, and her littermates were extremely varied, merles, chocolates, black and whites and a blue one somewhere. Funny, she was the only puppy not in any of the pictures, but she's so cute :3. As far as I know she hasn't got papers, but she's definitely purebred, and her parents looked it too. Somehow, I trust farm-dogs more than I do show ones. For health that is.

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    They're both beautiful! especially the chocolate/white one! Is that rebel? He's so stunning!


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      Wow they sound like my two! Harley is he nice calm one and Bella is the one chewing on his neck... or leg!

      There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.


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        Great pics Striker!


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          That is Rebel, poor boy was the last of his litter because nobody wanted the split-faced puppy He's a great dog. Boofhead, but still


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            Originally posted by Striker View Post
            That is Rebel, poor boy was the last of his litter because nobody wanted the split-faced puppy He's a great dog. Boofhead, but still
            My boy is definitely a boofhead, but i love him for it and i reckon Rebel is really cute with the split face!


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              He is, I like to think it reflects his two sides - rebellious and kind of arrogant, and cuddly and sweet