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  • Pomeranian Lovers Unite!

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to this forum however I have visited on many occasions and have enjoyed reading the advice/ stories/ questions from all members.
    My Pom can be a little hard to handle at times (some of my German Shepherd clients are easier!) so it's good to read up on training tips etc.

    Anyway, just wondering if there are any Pom owners around Sydney's North West/ Hills Shire who would like to meet up for play dates? My little girl only seems to like playing with animals that are the same size as her or smaller, which basically includes:
    - My brother/ sister-in law's King Charles Cavalier puppy
    - My cat, Carson (he only just tolerates her)
    - A rabbit who came to stay with me for a month
    - My 2 chickens

    and that's about it. She absolutely adores people, but around dogs she's just so .... yappy! I brought her to a dog park nearby and she barked for (this is no exaggeration) 1.5 hours. In the end I gave up and I haven't gone back since.
    She adores playing though, I really want her to have fun with other dogs but she only seems to like dogs her own size.
    Anybody out there with Poms or Pom sized dogs who would like to meet up for play dates?

    Here's my baby girl:

    2012-10-04 21.18.532.jpg

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    Just wanted to say hi and welcome to the forum

    I haven't come across any active members with Pomeranians, though this forum is still one of the best in my opinion for any type of breed you have.
    You could also try checking out a forum for Pomeranian owners as well, I myself am a member on more then just one forum.

    I have a long coated chihuahua of similar coloring so I can relate to anything surrounding small breeds as well as a dog that is from the spitz family.

    Your girl is adorable
    How long have you had her? She may just need some time to get used to larger dogs.
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      my pom girl


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        Hello welcome to the board! I'm sorry I don't have any information to give but hope you find some good info in other members here in the board.