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I'm getting another puppy yay!

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    Originally posted by newfsie View Post
    And see their dogs....When i first started looking for newfies i went to all the shows that had newfies, especially specialty newfie shows....I also did Bernese Mountain dogs and Saints. At the end of shows I spoke to quite a few Breeders and in the specialty shows I took note of which dogs were winning and on their movement in the runs.
    I spent a whole year doing this. After that I made contact with two Breeders and i was put on waiting lists and I was scrutinized to see if i was good enough to be a newfie owner. That was what I also liked. i was just not given a price and told I could get the puppy...I was told I was on a waiting list and I would be checked out to see if I was good enough LOL.
    Felt like I was being examined. I even had to get references.

    If I was to buy a lab.....And I really like a good labrador......I would go to a specialty show or two at least.....And I would go for the Breeders that work their dogs, be it for sniffer dogs, gundogs or anything else labs are good at ( tracking, obedience, guide dog or assistance dogs).

    Specialty shows really are very interesting as it is only the Breed there and you get to see them all together.

    Good luck in your search
    Thanks so much for your advice I've looked into going to some dog shows I think there's one
    In June my friend wants a amstaff so I told her to come with me too lol spreading the knowledge


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      There an article here about buying a Labrador pup: https://labradorpuppiesforsalebyregi...lia/#goodpuppy
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        Congrats! Labs are sweeties


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          Originally posted by teddybeans View Post
          Congrats! Labs are sweeties
          that's why I want to get a Lab can't wait..


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            Congratulations on buying a new Labrador!! My friend just got one, they're such a beautiful breed. BIG eaters mind you, might need one of those slow eating food bowls so they dont scoff it so quick lol.

            Enjoy many years of joy. If you need a new pet bed check these out use code matesrates for a discount


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