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Puppy aggression?

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  • Puppy aggression?

    I have a 14 week old Kelpie called Paddy who is a very anxious dog. Mainly around people not other dogs he tends to back away and hide behind us when people want to pat him however we have made progress with socialization, he used to bark at new people now he will sniff them but back away if they go to touch him. The first time he went to the vets he had an ear infection (he was 9 weeks old) and the vet put a cotton bud far into his ear which obviously caused him pain as he yelped really loudly. After that he would snap at the vet when she tried to touch his ear. We have taken him to the vet 2 times since then for vaccinations and each time he snaps at the vet and wont let her touch him. She told us this is very concerning behaviour and he is a potentially aggressive and dangerous dog and suggested we take him to a ridiculously expensive training course ($750 for 3 hours) however he is not like this with anyone but the vet. Yes he is nervous but he does not snap at anyone and we are working on his socialization with people and dogs every day and he seems to be getting better. We told the vet this but she was adamant that he is a risk to people and put a warning on his name for aggression. Just wondering if people think this is necessary or is this just aggression towards that particular vet because he remembers that she hurt him in the past. I dont want to spend that kind of money unnecessarily but also dont want an aggressive dog. Also would taking him to a different vet next time be an option or would he be scared of all vets now? Any help would be greatly appreciated as we are very nervous and upset by what the vet has said. She only sees the dog when he is in her room and we see him every day and he is not aggressive however we are not experts. He is going to puppy school every week and we are planning on taking him to obedience training after this. The behaviorist who runs the dog training has not mentioned to us that he is overly aggressive at all.

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    I have a kelpie, Mindy was fine around people, jump all overtime, but wouldn't let anyone touch or pick her up. I joined a dog school for $50.00 a year, and after 6 months she was worse, and would throw in the car all the way there. I paid the money with K9 $300 they came my place, haven't had an issue with her since, after the $300, you become a member and it costs $20.00 a session. Though she still won't let strangers near her or touch her unless she knows them. With the heeler I take her to Alpha as they have 2 training days, instead of just the Sunday. I paid the full $700, and it is worth it. Both schools are good.

    Heidi became aggressive towards other dogs if they were aggressive, I had to get her out of this, other wise I could never let her off the leash, or the issue grew with her....Worth the money for a well behaved dogs. It only took the K9 lady 1/2 hour to stop the jumping up, then we walked her and gave a test run around people and other dogs...Haven't had an issue with her since.

    As with the vets, I took Mindy to two before I found one that had a good repore with animals, the first one was too rough, the one I use now is excellent he settles the dog down really well before going in for the check up, both dogs love them...