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Worries about getting a second dog

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  • Worries about getting a second dog

    Hi everyone!
    So my partner and I are considering getting a second dog, (we're actually at the top of a waiting list) especially as a companion for our current dog but also, 2 is always better than 1!
    I just have a few concerns I thought I'd bring up here too see if anyone has any advice.
    Firstly, My current dog will be 2 by the time we pick our second dog up - is he too young to be adding a second dog into our 'pack'? - We thought adding a second dog whilst our first was still young would make the transition on our Samoyed easier.
    secondly, The dog we will be getting will be quite a large breed, a Bernese Mountain Dog, is this weight and height difference going to cause insecurities in my current dog?
    My dog plays really rough with other dogs, not aggressive (according to his trainer) but definitely tries to maintain a certain amount of dominance, he's desexed and well trained but it does concern me that he'll try and exert a certain amount of dominance and then eventually... the new dog will be much bigger than him, should I be concerned about this?
    ALOT, of people are saying generally the amount of effort required for a second dog isn't that much more than having 1, I don't mind if this isn't the case, but does anyone have any opinions on this topic?

    And any advice on introducing the two of them, tips or tricks for a smooth transition or anything I should know about the difference between having 1 dog and having 2?
    Thanks in advance.

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    My first dog (Kelpie) wasn't quite 12 months when I got the second puppy (Heeler), I set the new puppy up with a canvas collapsible kennel with a dog cage around it, she slept in there and I kept her food and water dish there so that the other dog wouldn't eat her food, and she could also sleep peacefully...I made sure I didn't change any of the Kelpies routiene of play, cuddles etc to cause any jealousy. Once she was old enough and fully vaccinated I walked her separately until she was just over 12 months old, and now I can take them out separately or together ( I was advised to do this at puppy prep, so that she wouldn't totally bond or rely on the older dog). It has worked out really well, they get on well....Good luck...