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Puppies and Vitamin K

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  • Puppies and Vitamin K

    Hi, I don't currently own a dog and have not since childhood so have not had to know about the vaccines and vet care modern puppies require. I just read an article on vitamin K injections for human newborns and was wondering if puppies need this too. My interest is because a few years ago my sister bought a miniature poodle x maltese puppy from what she thought was a reputable breeder which then died from a brain hemorrhage at around 3 or 4 months old. Brain bleeds in human babies can occur if they do not get a dose of vitamin k at birth, but I don't know if this is the same for dogs. The puppy's death occurred after my brother's large dog barked at her, though a healthy dog surely couldn't be harmed by a large bark. The puppy was very small, even for its breed and my sister suspects the breeders may actually have been a puppy mill that bred her for a cute appearance rather than health. Perhaps her small size contributed, or having a brain to big for her skull. However after reading the article I wondered if her breeder had not given her appropriate vet care and this could have contributed.

    This all happened a number of years ago and we will probably never know the cause. My sister ensured she bought a healthier and more robust dog next time around and I am glad to say she is a healthy, happy dog.

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    The only time I have heard of vit k being used for dogs/pups - is when they have eaten rat/mouse poison.

    Sorry about your sister losing her pup a few years ago. I doubt very much whether just vit k alone would have saved/helped her pup. Just because it is suitable for human newborns under constant hospital care – does not mean it will work the same way for a 3 or 4 month old pup.

    This is just one of the many, many problems of buying a trendy crossbreed from a backyard breeder. Don’t worry, the same can happen if you buy a purebred pup from an ANKC registered breeder ! The common denominator here - with both of these types of breeders – is they don’t do any health testing of their breeding stock – before they breed with them ! They are more interested in money !

    Good stuff, that your sister did a lot more homework before getting her new pup.


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      I have never heard of giving a puppy vit K injections just for the sake of it and my family has raised many healthy pups over the years and has several vets in the family. Yes important to get a puppy from an ethical breeder who health tests their breeding dogs for all the genetic diseases. A good breeder will only have a limited number of litters a year and will raise them in their home with lots of enrichment and socialisation. Sadly a lot of breeders of crossbred designer dogs just pump out puppies for big money with no care for their health as long a they look cute.