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Puppy had to be put down after less then 48 hours in our care

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  • Puppy had to be put down after less then 48 hours in our care

    Hi. On 6th of January we bought our Cavalier x shitzu puppy. He arrived to our house around 2pm. He was little bit sad but we thought must be because he was separated from his mum and siblings. Also he was sneezing. He refused to eat that day. Next day we try to feed him but he vomited both times. On 8th he was realy weak and around midday i took him to the vet wher he spend 5 hours on uv and later i had to take him to animal hospital for overnight stay. There was not improvent with his helt and around 11pm hospital caled me to come to say last goodbye to our puppy. Noon er can give me reason why he get so sick. Only thing they told me it was something bacterial or virus. Puppy was in our care less then 48 hours and 12 hours in vet care. Not sure what i should do and should i contact the breeder?

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    So sorry for your loss

    Yes I would suggest letting the breeder know what happened. I don't think this is something anyone can be blamed for, but I think any good breeder would want to know.


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      A good experienced breeder should have been aware if the puppy was not well especially if it was depressed and sneezing. What conditions was this puppy bred in? Did the breeder do all the correct health testing? I would ring the breeder as they clearly let the puppy go when it was not right. Some times a puppy can have a genetic condition called fading puppy syndrome where the immune system is inherently weak and the puppy dies. I wonder if the rest of the litter was ill? Sadly some breeders of these "designer type" dogs are just in it for the money and don't do all the proper health testing and are not experienced with raising a puppy the right way. I hope this wasn't so in this case. It is so wrong that you had to go through this. You have a right to receive a healthy puppy.
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        Oh I’m so sorry


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          That’s so sad. Did you contact the breeder..