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  • Ive found my training style

    Found a new to me training. Clear k9. IPO trainer/competitor Sharonika. Ive done workshop with her last yr. I loved it, Juice did not like her AT ALL.
    She now has free k9 monthly challenge: a new behaviour to train. Last month was direct and indirect rewards.
    Awaiting next with eagerness. Kinda like a club, only no B.S. like spending ages talking n setting up. Highly recommend her n this free training. You see her teach command in video n replicate training n post in your videos of practise. So you get to see how other trainers do it n picking up lots of ideas.
    I have a new pup, Juices brother. A repeat mating of dam n sire as first litter were fab.
    Whilst i generally follow IPO traing plan with my dogs, its nice having random stuff to train. Pup learnt last challenge in 4 reps. Led by his food drive to get it right!

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      Her focus and engagement workshop was as clear.
      I did it with juice, who took a embarassing dislike of her. Whilst in pseudo pregnancy.

      I want to add spin into my pups focussed heeling, she taught me how. And noticed juice is left handed. So am i. And i was unmindfully working her right side. I reversed and the result was excellent.

      At 5 months, Eli gsd pup is doing foundation. All that was put down whilst we moved house.
      New walk involves traffic. Hes a disaster car chasing zoned out fool.
      I have to walk both together, not fun yet. Lol

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        I thought id do a brief update whilst on train journey...
        for 4yrs, ive been searching for a farm. One that could provide for us sustainably. Aim: self sufficiency.
        2yrs ago, i stopped shopping for crap id been fooled into thinking i needed. Clothes, shoes, products. And forced myself for the 1st time to eat n enjoy veggies. Wed put in offers on suitable farms, but had not gotten them. Then out of the blue came 10 acres, 45 mins away from my kids, grandkids and we got it! Moved 19 Dec.
        so now found me n the pups, surrounded by horses, cows, pigs. And i had 2 weeks off to train both dogs calm around noisy animals.
        I hit 'manage dogs safely' first, with secure pound i erected from 15 chain link fence pannels. Secured the house block with 4ft fence. Both dogs can leap this but its a visual boundary for them.
        then made friends with kind neighbours who've let me be in their paddocks counter conditioning both pups. Juice is 2yrs, Eli is niw 8 months. So used their tracking skills, laying tracks un, through and around farm animals. Assuring owners i will have dogs on lead at all times for safety. I learnt 'Up close, cows are very BIG!'.
        Both dogs now not reacting to live stock.
        Confident: i broyght in our first vital animals: worm farm lol
        then 1 day old chicks which we kept on floor inside dog crate. And allowed both chicks n dogs to condition to each other. Good old nosiness, had dogs up my arse each time i fed chicks. So chicks learnt to come to juice as food happens whenever shes near. Eli has discovered that meal worms are great! I also got 4 x 8 week old chicks, who are now free ranging but separated by 4foot fence from dogs who are ignoring them.
        sunday my neighbour rides her horse with her dalmation. Roped her in, for some up close encounters with horse n dal. Went well.
        All i can day is: if you train foundation well, it pays dividends later.
        i have done a 1 month intensive proofing of all training skills month before we moved. To ensure we finished each skill training- something i fail to do a lot if honest.
        so now 'working' 2 days, 5 days farming.
        ive lost 7kg in 6 weeks coz i seriously underestimated how hard work slashing/bailing/fencing/ploughing is!
        ive learnt to make bread! God it was shit to begin with! Solid as a rock, and about as heavy. But im getting reasonably good, its edable.
        made some cheese too. Have lashings of ginger wine, ginger beer brewing to get us through a cold winter. Im up 600 metres on other side of macedon. So stoopid hot. No air con. And so have acclimatised- my dog ridden life had me outside mostly, so its been a little easier.
        My sister is paying me a visit from -5 degrees uk to 43 degrees here. Shes mainly horizontal lol and we are in her 2nd week. Theres 9 months between us. Shes a cat lady, very unfit. Dogs needing working daily has kept me fit thankfully. Its not till i see a cat lady up close, do i realise the different outcomes on health as a result of pet species choice. Cat ladies are pussy's

        so i may not post, as life has gotten in the way of on line virtual life. But still reading posts.

        i would of loved to have attended Newfies water training day. So would my pups! They are both water babes and keen canoe riders.

        juice settled down after desex. Became affectionate even. And now really works well for me. To the point of ? Telepathy. As im about to call for her help, shes there doing what i wanted her for. Shes been a difficult dog to train due to pseudo pregnant for 1yr causing serious aggression. And yet i just kept training, getting bones set shed broken, sutures when she opened me up being too rough. To placid devoted girl.
        Eli, her baby brother from same parents is brilliant. What a joy. Really easy to train (marker) has a long working life ahead, is learning to herd. Have started him.

        life is good. Off grid lifestyle suits me. With 2 days work paying for groceries till we grow our own. And the best part- got electicity bill, and the power company owe us! Solar-yeah!


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          Sounds like life is going well for you!

          Farming is hard work, I think a lot of people don't realise that, haha! Keeps you healthy though

          I'm still on my parents 30 acre property, but you're living my dream of having my own small hobby farm.

          I'd love a small 5 acres... enough for the dogs and I to enjoy without neighbours bothering us.

          Chooks are addictive creatures, easy pocket money selling eggs at the farm gate too. I used to have 50 chooks, but downsized to 30. I hatch chicks from my flock every spring.


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            Oh wow that sounds great! I am so happy for you.

            Sometimes I really miss living on a farm. A small hobby plot of land and like you I wouldn’t mind going off the grid.

            I will have to live through you! Chooks are delights. Start with five and end up with so many.