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Puppy chewing is going to drive me insane

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  • Puppy chewing is going to drive me insane

    My little 9 week old border collie has been chewing the couch (and the coffee table, hall stand and cupboard). Every time I catch her I pull her away from it, and give her something else to chew on. She has every chew toy imaginable. Rubber bones, rawhide bones, balls, soft toys, hard cardboard tubes, soft cardboard tubes....etc. But she always goes back to the couch! Very hard trying to do this no punishment training. My old dog I would have pulled her away and held her down until she calmed down. She learnt very quickly not to chew. But I don't think that kind of training has the best outcome with my relationship with my dog/puppy in the end.

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    My BC didn't actually find out half the house existed until she was over 6 months old! They can be VERY determined and get fixated easily in my observation. I hear your pain, after 12 months of not one shoe chew I am currently beating myself over the head with a rolled magazine for leaving my leather shoes on the floor by my desk where she sits on my feet. Just TOOO much to resist, and ruined the record of a no shoe chew puppy.
    I do own an Ikea rocker that has small BC chew marks up and down the nice wooden arm. I have bought a new one but am still not game to put it where she can revisit the sensation.
    I cured her of biting at me with a growly response ( my husbands deep voice was particularly useful). But in terms of chewing we just had to adjust the environment. It doesn't last forever ( well who am I to talk after but I definitely see the light now. Over enthusiastic and excitable still applies but there seems to be a growing part of her brain that can be applied to calming as well .
    WE wear her out with ball play, yours may not care much about balls at this point.
    Puppy playschool at the vet was a winner and she still LOVES the veterinary surgery. Obedience wears them out a bit, investigate clicker training, never too young and that also tires them out.
    First Clicker exercises with Maggie 9weeks - YouTube
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      This is one reason why crate training is so important...

      You have to limit their opportunity to find their own fun in ways you would rather they didn't.

      vicks vapour rub can help - liberally applied to things you don't want chewed - probably has to be re applied daily.

      I covered a lot of the soft furniture in old blankets and towels and sheets - so to get to the important stuff - was a long way down. I now have quite the collection of bath mats and things with holes in - but so far - my couch has been safe.

      I also collect green branches from different kinds of trees, gum trees, fruit trees and etc - the green fresh stuff doesn't splinter as badly as the old dry stuff, and provides good chewing.

      You might also want to invest in a cows hoof or three, or if you have access to horse hoof trimmings - they're good chewies too.


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        I currently have a 14 weeks old cavalier King Charles spaniel whom seems to love to chew everything but her toys.

        I have never previously used this method, but We have found crate training to be helpful with toilet training and limiting her ability to get into mischief.

        I have stopped her chewing my mats with a firm no and then distracting her with a toy. I feel there are some things you just can't ignore.

        Ps I don't have a traditional crate, but more like a puppy playpen but works the same way


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          I tend to prevent chewing, by preventing access. Either by covering things, as was suggested, or putting things away. And pup's come indoors under close supervision only.
          Then by adding bitter apple spray, or vics vapour rub, or stop n grow nail bite solution to my prescious things.
          I bought a laundry basket that is dog proof, to prevent theft of sox/knickers
          And half a marrow bone daily till teething is over

          Vigilance is key, and stealing things to chew is a very rewarding behaviour for a pup.
          So give him something he can chew, 100% of time, and no free access unsupervised. Using crate, or garden.

          My son's pup has just chewed through a $350 knife of a chefs set. And eaten ray ban sun glasses. Bless the little shit


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            Try giving your pup an old stinky shoe to chew. Brocks up to his fourth shoe now but he hasn't chewed anything he isn't allowed to(well almost nothing)


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              Our dog snapped out of it when I had given up hope he ever would! It stopped literally over night! So hang in there...


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                After careful observation of my pup i found , that upon her looking like she was interested in having a chew I could hit her in the face with a well timed squirt for a cheep water pistol without her seeing where it came from. She soon learnt that chewing certain items resulted in water on her face. Small concealed water pistol is best with the ability to fire at short notice whilst remaning in the comfort of your chair.


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                  Same here. Learnt very fast to put shoes etc away very fast. I have had the unfortunate incident of heading to the shops in the rain and felt bad about leaving my 7mnth BC outside. Took all couch cushions away hid them in a seperate room coveres remaining couch with a sheet and was gone for about 5mins only to return to a chewed hole in my couch anyway (luckily it can be hidden with the seat cushions i removed!). Only have myself to blame and now he is either put in the bathroom (bath mat removed lol) for short trips or just has to endure outdoor
                  Elements and learn to use the kennel!!


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                    lol @ Kuri.
                    5 mins, that's plenty of time indeed for them mischeivious pups!


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                      My Mums kelpie x used to chew on the coffee table until she rubbed some chilli on it, never touched it again. I have a shoe thief here but she doesn't chew them up just steals them and leaves them under the apple tree, I've got no idea why.