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Puppy keeps Vomiting...any ideas????

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  • Puppy keeps Vomiting...any ideas????

    Hi all,

    So i've now had my pup for almost 2 months and everything is going great. But I have one small problem. Lately (the last few weeks) every now and then after eating breakfast or dinner (a full meal) my puppy vomits...its pretty quick afterwards so the food is completely undigested. Throughout the day she has free access to kibble and then morning and night she is given raw meat, veggies and something like rice or pasta. When i first got her there was no problem. The Vet told me to feed her...give her 20mins to eat and then take away whatever is left...the problem with that is when I feed her she stuffs it down...a whole bowl is gone within 20-30 seconds. So I thought possibly she is just over stuffing herself (for lack of a better word).

    I thought maybe feeding her smaller meals and really controlling it...but in saying that, last week she threw up after eating just one chicken wing. She is not at all sick...shes been to the vet, her temp is fine...I just done know what to do.

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

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    It sounds like eating too quickly is what's triggering the vomiting so maybe try slowing her down I think there are special bowls and things you can use to help with this.


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      Yes I think puppy might be eating too fast.

      You can freeze the chicken wing or hold it while she eats it. My dog chucked up her first (and last) chicken wing - she didn't chew it at all so it came back - eventually - about 8 hours later. revolting.

      You can slow her kibble eating down in a number of ways - you can get a bob a lot, squirrel dude or other kibble holding puzzle toy - and your dog has to interact with the toy to get it to give up the kibble (no helping from the boss allowed). It's hard to eat fast, when you only get at one piece of kibble at a time. Tho my dog can still empty the bobalot inside 3 minutes. But if the food was just in the bowl, it would be gone faster.


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        A slow feed bowl is required - Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl.

        You do not tell us what breed you have but you need to match the puppy kibble with the size of pup. Small kibble for small breeds etc. Do not feed small kibble to a large breed pup. They can vacuum the stuff like magic.

        I would also follow your vets advice and do not leave food out. Pick up what is not eaten and feed twice a day only.

        Do you have other dogs being fed at the same time? If so the pup may think it needs to get it's share fast or lose out. Ensure you have good seperation and do not let a dog that is finished eating wander near the pup until it has also finished.

        The vomiting is usually a short term issue and should stop as soon as the pups metabolism balances out.
        Nev Allen
        Border River Pet Resort


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          Thanks for the great suggestions guys...I will definitely get a slow feeding bowl.

          She actually doesn't stuff the kibble in just the meat (brekky and dinner). I do have another dog but they get fed separately as the small dog refuses to eat raw meat.

          Shes a German Shepard x kelpie and I do have a larger breed puppy food but chances are she is also getting into the little dogs food too.

          Thanks so much for the advice.


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            go get her esophagus checked out. Some dogs can have a narrowing or pouch of the esophagus that causes these exact symptoms, and of course the dog is starving because the food is not going down.

            Do a bit of a test, whiz up the food to a milkshake and let her lap it up for a few days, then gradually introduce it in a more and more solid state. If the dog doesnt vomit on liquids I would be down the vet ASAP.


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              You could always put her feed in a large kong
              This will definitely slow her down and will also stimulate her mind.