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  • Need help picking a breed

    If anyone could shed some light on appropriate dog breeds within some of the parameters I’ve set that would be helpful. Looking for a new breed of dog to join the family but I’m not 100% set on a breed yet.
    I’m looking for a homestead protection dog but am tossing up between a few different breeds.

    I’m looking for a
    -homestead protection dog breed for a farm (won’t harass the other farm animals) minimal farm animals at the moment so LGD breeds aren’t high on my list but I will consider if people have suggestions.
    - low shedding/drooling (willing to compromise for the correct breed)
    - can tolerate being alone for 8 hours 3-4 days a week due to work (this is important as I would feel bad leaving a clingy dog at home)
    - enjoys going for a daily jog of 3km (1.7 miles) but not a dog that requires extensive exercise.
    - lowish prey drive due to wanting to hike with the dog off leash in areas where there aren’t many people but might be critters they would want to chase

    At the moment I have
    - Boerbol (concerned with level of aggression/ level of fitness)
    - Black Russian terrier (worried that can’t tolerate being alone)
    - Rhodesian ridgeback (can’t tolerate being alone + prey drive off leash, also I met a 12 year old RR and it was shedding quite a bit?)
    - Neo (drool)
    - Akita (shedding)
    - sharpei (small size + activity level)
    - Rottweiler + Doberman (energy levels/ being alone/ shedding with Rott)

    If you could please help me in my selection so I could further research any of these breeds or others I would greatly appreciate it!!