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    Hi, After 18 years are lovely West Highland Maltie had enough and her little heart stopped. She was part of the family and grew up with our children so we are all very sad, but understand it happens to all of us and our pets eventually. She had a great life.
    It is 6 months later and we are still sad, but it is time for a new pet, our children have moved out from home so a nice quiet little dog to love during our retirement is on the cards.
    We have an apartment in the city and a beach house so a small dog will suit us.
    Our West Highland Maltie very rarely barked, so we would like that again.
    I googled a Glen of Imaal breed and it looks perfect. Small, quiet and not too yappy, but there doesn't seem to be too many in Australia.
    So 2 questions,
    Can you import a dog from overseas ?
    Is there an equivalent breed in Australia ?


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    Yes, you can import from overseas.
    never heard of a west highland malti in aus. A west highland white, or a maltese terrier, is it a pedigree? Or a mix