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  • Hernia - Breeding

    My girl golden retriever Mia has had an hernia. I’ve just it repaired with surgery, I am just wondering if she will be able to carry a litter of pups and deliver naturally and also if I should skip this heat to give it time to heal or if she can be bred on this heat?

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    Not sure on this myself sorry. Probably the best person to ask would be your vet who did the hernia repair.


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      I would be asking the vet and also making sure that is is not a genetic issue. Golden retrievers also have a risk of hip and elbow dysplasia so I am assuming that you have her and the prospective male scanned and know the family history. Breeding a dog is a big responsibility and you really should be discussing all of this with your vet and an experienced breeder if it is your first time so you are really well prepared. Can you talk to the breeder of your dog for advice?


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        No please avoid