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Travelling the Nullarbor with two dogs.

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  • Travelling the Nullarbor with two dogs.

    Has anyone travelled the Nullabor with there dogs, I need to go from Vic to Perth to pick up my 4X4 back seat, two high energy dogs under 2 years old in a car for 5 days. I know I wouldn't be able to let them off the leads at all..Has anyone done this.

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    Quite a few people I know have done it with young high energy dogs. You need to suss out dog friendly camping and exercise areas or whatever before you go. The biggest thing you need to be aware of is dog baits. A friend of mine lost both her dogs to baits when she stopped to let them out for a break. It was awful. So yes on lead unless you are in an area that is safe. My dogs are happy to travel all day in a car on long trips and they are all high energy. Do you have a safe way to contain them at night? A friend of mine lost a dog to a bait when she left him locked in the car overnight and he managed to get out the window.


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      I think I'll get the back seat courier'd down, maybe take them next year, a person on another 4x4 forum lost there dog also and they had it on a lead, but most travellers don't have a problem. Heidi would be fine, but Mindy is like a hound, walks with her nose on the ground, if there is bait, she would find it. Were doing a camping trip next week end and see how they go, If I go I'll go in April when the weather is a bit cooler..