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  • Dog trainer wanted

    good afternoon, I am wanting assistance with training my dog, Emma. We attended Puppy School a few years ago which was great. She has grown quite a bit since then - she's staffy x german shepherd and all muscle. Taking her for a walk is the bane of my life and i want to enjoy her company when walking. She pulls no matter what item of leash we use; if we have the haltie on - she stops dead and just sits. We tried Doggy day care for socilisation and she was 'expelled' for being a matriach and agressive. I took her to the Obedience group and that was quite a hiccup. where do we go with her from here and who do people suggest for training. Any suggestions.

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    I would recommend finding a dog behaviourist or one on one trainer to help you with your pup. Group activities can be too much for some dogs without some prior training.


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      I used K9 for mine, they come to your house first off and assess the dog in there own yard, then you can go each weak to training, I haven't had an issue with Mindy after the first session, different issues though. It cost me $300 but they did more in a couple of hours at home, than the obedience school couldn't do in 8 months.


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        We used House of Elite Pups, they are expensive but well worth it. Came from a recommendation.


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          Really good idea.........!!