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Please help..Will they fight?

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  • Please help..Will they fight?

    My current pomeranianxjack Russell is 7 years old and a sweet old girl, she sleeps a lot but can get a bit nippy if she is touched in her teeth as they are decayed and hurt my girl. We’re considering getting another dog, a girl pug (purebreed). I hear pugs are generally sweet and friendly dogs and compatible with other dogs. However I fear as they’re both females and the bit of Pomeranian in my existing dog may make her feel as if she wants to be top dog.

    I don’t want to lose a dog or have one become injured, I’m worried but this matter isn’t in my hands as I’m a minor and it’s my parents considering getting a second dog. I just need some opinions on people experienced with having two dogs together hence I posted this on many forums and eventually out of desperation, imgur. I think it’s too late to get another dog but if a pug is compatible with the dog we have now, things should go smoothly.

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    I think it will depend on a lot of things. I have had 2,3 and 4 females for years and never have any problems. Yes the pugs that I know are generally sweet dogs. A bit of a worry that your older dogs has painful teeth. 7 years old is still a young dog, especially for a small dog and the teeth need to be sorted by a vet as decaying teeth are very bad for the dogs health and especially if they hurt, this could well affect her relationship with a new puppy. Your parents would ideally sort this out before getting a new puppy. It is not hard to keep a dogs teeth in good condition. A couple of my working sheepdogs are 9yo and in prime health with great teeth and do a days work with no problems..

    Sometimes an older dog may feel a bit miffed with a new puppy others embrace it. Mine generally welcome new puppies. One of my old females just loved welcoming new puppies, male or female but then she didnt have a sore mouth. Training, play and perhaps a crate or pen for puppy to chill out in. Good luck, it is hard when things are not in your control.
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      When we introduced our previous dog to a puppy, he peed all over it if he could. Puppies being cute and adorable get a lot of attention, we had to make sure Sam got the attention he was used to plus more, he then settled and they got on fine. I did this with my current dogs as well, when I bought the second puppy home, I made sure I didn't change any of Mindy's attention or routine, I've had no issues.


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        It depends. Yes, pugs are so sweet but sometimes too playful that might trigger your Pomeranian to go berserk. I have many dogs in our house with a different breed and I train them while they were little ones. Pugs are easy to train to go along with other dogs in the house. Just give him your attention to play and not with the Pomeranian. Or, you might also consider putting him to another room and separate their foods.