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Interesting dog visits.

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  • Interesting dog visits.

    My Banjo has had an interesting week.

    First she managed to tear the skin on the big pads on both of her front paws right off. I don't know how she did it. We were at the river and she and Rhys were chasing rabbits in the dense undergrowth. The vet's best guess was that she landed on a rock too hard and skidded, scraping the skin off.

    Poor thing could barely walk. She was trying to tippy toe but then just lay down, even when a strange dog visited our spot and started playing with Rhys. It was harsh to make her walk to the car later but I couldn't have carried her all that way on sandy tracks

    So she got her booties the next morning. Vet said she'd need a bandage change every three days and she'd probably need three.

    So I took her back after three days, they took her out the back and returned her without bandages! The vet was amazed at how well her pads had healed in that short time and she's walking on them without noticeable discomfort. Just can't take her for walks quite yet.

    And she developed a hot spot on her thigh the day after she injured her paws. That seemed to hurt more than the pads, judging by her reaction to me trying to wash it and the vet putting cream on it. First time ever I've had to actually hold her at the vet. A shave and a couple of days of cortisone cream and she hasn't been licking it and it's not looking red anymore.

    Looks like she'll be able to go to the river with us again next weekend.

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    Poor Banjo. But worth it for the thrills I'm sure.
    Speedy recovery!


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      Glad she's on the mend quickly! Rough week for the poor girl!


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        poor pupster... hope she heals quickly and easily
        sigpicPets are forever


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          I keep a bottle of pad heal or something similar on hand, works great for my working dogs on the rough country out here when they skin a pad.


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