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  • Any Tips?

    Hi guys!

    I pick up my Samoyed in 3 weeks! I’m very excited, he’s purebred and comes from a fantastic line so long story short the anticipation is killing me!

    My questions are: aside from general stuff like exercise and grooming? (I already know about those) Is there anything I should prepare myself for? Any tips and tricks about Sammy’s? Or anything I really need at my house specifically for him?

    Thanks so much!

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    The only experience I have with Sammys is grooming them (I'm a groomer). Other than that I'm not sure, unless you want general raising a puppy advice, haha

    Crate training, short obedience/trick training sessions and interactive toys to keep him occupied will be great for your pup. Keep in mind when he's little you don't want to exercise him too much... their little joints can only handle so much!

    Also right from the get go, introduce brushing and blow drying if you can. Best to get him used to this stuff early to avoid trouble down the line. Also handle him all over to get him used to being touched... especially feet, tail etc, a lot of dogs are sensitive about those areas.

    How exciting though, I adore Samoyeds. They just have the greatest personalities!


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      One if the top dogs in my classes is a Sammy, believe it or not! Their brains are unappreciated

      Once your second vaccination is done, enroll in a puppy class! One that focuses on the important life skills for living with humans. Potty training. Walking on lead. Recall. Not eating random things on walk. Confidence building for random things.

      Take him to one new place or thing a day. He doesn’t need to interact just needs to be around to help him grow strong and confident but not over excited.

      And enjoy your puppy! You can not take too many photos!

      Ps. Don’t forget to make them have naps. My guy (spaniel) would want to keep going but would get cranky unless I made him have a nap.


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        Thank you so much for your advice, I didn’t know about the blow drying so I’ll be sure too do that so I don’t have any trouble later on!


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          Ahhhh naps! That is something I haven’t even thought of! Thank you so much, everything you’ve said has been such a big help!


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            WoW ! Congratulations on getting your new pup soon ! How exciting !

            Some links for you to have a look at – to help you with your new pup.

            The first link covers just about everything for you ! The second one covers the amount of exercise a very young pup should have. The 3rd link covers just about everything you need regarding training a pup.





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              I am also really pleased to read that you have done your homework on the breeder – but also do your homework on having a little pup at your place ! Which you are doing !

              LOL – They can be worse than having a very young child in the place ! Get ready for a few sleepless nights !

              Child proof gates are a must to block off areas the pup just shouldn’t go.
              Put everything you don’t want damaged/eaten out of reach of the pup – but don’t underestimate how far the pup can reach ! They are completely fearless and believe they can do anything they want !

              Also - Their puppy teeth are very sharp – something I forgot when my little girl first arrived home.

              As ‘maddogdodge' said – a crate and crate training is a must – particularly with toilet training a pup. Just pop the crate beside your bed. With the weather getting cooler – make sure you have enough things in the crate so the little one can snuggle down and be warm. Putting a cover over the crate – top and 3 sides – makes it like a den and a safe place for the pup.

              A snuggle puppy or sheep – with something you have worn that day over it - also helps. Don’t bother taking a blanket from the breeder – you want this little one bonding easily with you.


              Something you could also look up is K9 Pro. The web site has a heap of free training advice. Their ‘Puppy Development Schedule’ is also a very good read on what puppies go through before they become adults.

              Good Luck ! I hope we see heaps of photos of this little one !


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                I’m soo glad that I joined this community! You have all been crazy helpful! Things I haven’t even thought of and probably never would of! I’ll use these links to my advantage!
                I PROMISE I will post photos!


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                  Originally posted by CrazyDogLady View Post
                  I PROMISE I will post photos!
                  Yes yes please do!! Sammy puppies... tiny little floofy polar bears!


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                    'CrazyDogLady' - Good stuff that you will be using the links ! LOL – That is the reason why I put them up !

                    Can’t wait to see the photos of this little one ! Though, I am sure I will ‘dribble’ over your new pup’s photos – I always do. I just love pups ! Though I know there will not be one of these pups in my life. LOL - Far too much ‘floof’ for me ! I will stick with my short haired pups.

                    This link finally works. Here is where you will find the ‘Puppy Development Schedule’ – that I mentioned before and heaps of other really good information. This is all found in the ‘free article’ area of the web site.



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                      Here's Ghost guys! I had my dates wrong so we don't pick him up until next weekend but that's okay! Ill send some more photos through then!


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                        Oh. My. Goodness!!

                        He is the cutest little living snowball ever!

                        I'm such a sucker for Samoyeds! I met some gorgeous ones at the Dog Lovers Show on Friday... if they just had a little bit less fur, I'd 100% have one!


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                          Originally posted by CrazyDogLady View Post

                          Here's Ghost guys! I had my dates wrong so we don't pick him up until next weekend but that's okay! Ill send some more photos through then!
                          OMG - So much fluff !

                          WoW - What a gorgeous looking little pup !

                          Looking forward to seeing heaps of new photos of this little one !


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                              How adorable is he!
                              Ive a strong urge to own fluffy gsd's
                              It took 10yrs of therapy to cure me. But i think you just 'broken' my recovery n caused a relapse