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Dog Vision - have you thought about how well they can see?

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  • Dog Vision - have you thought about how well they can see?

    Hi all

    A Canadian International standard agility trainer - has done some research on how well dogs can see - mainly with regard to agililty equipment and how visible it is - or invisible - but also applies to what you wear when you're walking your dogs out and about and you want them to be able to find you.

    there's a few apps about too - the one I use on android is called "dog vision" and has a boxer with sunglasses logo

    There's one for apple that is called dog vision hd - and has a sort of blue panda dog with pink ears as an icon.

    And erm... plugging Susan Garrett again - she does an interview with the author in the post and it's on Facebook in Susan garrett's free dog agility page.

    I will post link here if you need it.

    I'm a bit ashamed of my dog club with the all white tyre.

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    Interesting page. I always knew dogs see less colours but never bothered finding out exactly which colours they cannot see. According to the article, everything just looks yellow and blue-ish to them.

    It's funny because we stock KONG dog toys and more than half of their toys are red, so apparently they all look white to them!


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      We have noticed with items in the water... If they are bulky no problem, but small fluoro bumpers can be seen by us, but the dogs scent them or get sent to them, they are blind retrieves... Our most visible items for the dogs are the black and blue and white ones...they are squares on the bumpers.... I thought they were fave items, but read some articles on colours and realised that our fluoro stuff was hard to see
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