Hello, I'm having a meltdown and would love some advice on what I should do. I have a 6 yr old male, neutered malamute. He was brought up with another female malamute who passed away 2 years ago. They had a couple of tiffs in their time (over bones and food) but no injuries, just noise. He is a very healthy, playful and energetic boy.

I have now introducted a female, malamute pup. I got her at 8 weeks (she's now 16 weeks) and she is a very happy, sweet little thing.

My boy has had a go at her 2 times in the time we've had her (3 weeks apart) both times breaking the skin (puncture wounds). No vet treatment was required. (A vet did examine both times and just flushed the wounds).

Both times there was very little obvious warning that I could see. He was lying down and there were toys around, she walked near and he just pounces on her. Resource guarding? She screams and he doesn't stop until we pull him off. I have taken all the toys away now but I'm just not sure what to do. He plays so gently with her the rest of the time and seems happy and relaxed. He was taking his toys up to her to tug on and when rough playing, if she squealed he would immediately stop.

After both times I separated him and when I reintroduced 10 Min later they were both calm and happy. She doesn't seem stressed around him. She's never jumped on him and is generally pretty well behaved for a pup.

This is my 4th dog and I've never had one bite a puppy before, or even show any signs of aggression other than loud, verbal tiffs. He is such a lovely boy in every other way and I hate how I feel about him after he bites her. I'm worried this will get worse as she gets bigger and I'm so attached to her already. Is there any good dog behaviourists anybody could recommend in Melbourne? Or any advice? Thank you

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