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    Originally posted by RileyJ View Post
    The ‘Dominance Theory’ and the ‘Pack Behaviour Theory’ have been proven as invalid via research and not appropriate for our pups and their training - regardless of the breed !

    Though, I have to admit in my very early days in my pups training – these 2 ideals were - what was expected and we were suggested very strongly to train that way !

    Thank heavens times have changed !

    I work on the mantra now – that my 2 pups and I are a ‘WIP’. All 3 of us are learning new things all the time.

    I now understand this very clearly – That it will take time, perseverance, patience, training, socialising, heaps of love, a sense of humour and heaps of very special treats to get a pup to trust and bond with you. But - This all takes time and training !

    'furbaby' - Some links for you to read:
    Thanks for the links, I will add them to my reading list.

    Well, 17 years ago the Internet was very different. Google hasn’t even started I think. The only information I had was what the trainer told me. So I had to learn the hard way.

    But it’s surprising that a lot of trainers still base their training around the old theory as of today.

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