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  • Jap Spitz Cross ??

    Hi All,

    We have 'rescued' this almost 3 year old from a loving and growing family that could no longer keep him.

    He is very friendly to all and very strong! He is about 18 kg and seems to be too clever for his own good while being a general goof (we love it) - although he seems very watch dog like and only barks at certain things (unlike our pure girl who barks at almost anything) .. he is very obedient and listens to almost anything on the first attempt (apart from walkies.. we are working on it)

    when on leash and handing the leash to other people he tends to ignore their commands and looks back at us for instructions.. its sort've like "hey.. am i supposed to sit? this guy isnt my family.."

    I have attached some pics of him (lots) in the hope that maybe some members could help identify his breed mix.. His coat seems to be more of an off-white in some areas, and his coat is much more 'dense' and 'rough' than our pure bred Jap Spitz who is soft like a cloud and oh so white.. .. we have been told his coat doesn't get much longer than what it is in the pics.. We have had him 3 weeks and he is very obedient (unlike our pure breed girl who is very stubborn.... unless there is food involved haha) - he has settled down so much over this time and his personality is changing.. he seems to be alot more chilled out and puppy dog eyes on tap for treats!

    Maybe half Lab? he loves to play fetch and seems to learn very fast and remembers new commands quite easily

    His tail is funny.. when he is "guard dog" it curls like a Spitz type tail (also when meeting other dogs.. so maybe its a confidence/dominance thing) ..when he is happy it goes like a normal tail.. its so cool! his ears are typical Spitz though.. when meeting other dogs he goes "Spitz" if that makes sense..? 10.jpg9.jpg8.jpg7.jpg6.jpg5.jpg4.jpg

    Thanks all!

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    It would be almost impossible to know for sure... I'm not getting any real solid ideas from those photos... for some reason German Shepherd is coming to mind.

    I'm probably way off though, either way, gorgeous dog!!


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      haha thanks for commenting! i have more pictures.. is there anything in particular i would try to capture?

      he is a gorgeous dog i agree! very good with kids i might add


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        A side on view like this could possibly be helpful. Gives a clear view of the build they have and the way they carry themself.

        Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 3.05.21 PM.jpg

        The more I think about it he could be anything, if his looks are throwing mostly to the Jap spitz side (white coat, small pricked ears). Labrador, German Shepherd, Border collie... who knows

        How do you know he has Jap Spitz in him? (as opposed to being a different spitz type dog mix).

        There are doggy DNA tests available. From what I've been told, many are not hugely accurate (especially the mouth swab ones, better off getting a blood sample at the vet). Could still be interesting to see what it comes up with. I've often thought perhaps they're not accurate for specific breeds but more good for giving an idea of the breed types in your dog (Eg. Spitz, herding, hound, etc etc)


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          Yes I feel like I won't rest easy until I have a better idea! I really don't mind what breed he is... he is so happy and friendly either way... and I guess I just am curious about his background and any potential issues he may have... I have taken some video of him just now if it can help and have uploaded to YouTube

          Let me know if this helps you


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            The second video makes me think Australian Cattle Dog perhaps? Just the way he moves around and his stocky body makes me think ACD.

            But as I said earlier, I could be totally wrong, I'm just throwing out guesses here, haha I think I'm gonna say Japanese Spitz X ACD though.

            Hopefully some other forum members will pop in here and give their ideas.

            Either way I have to say he is absolutely gorgeous!! Soooo happy and full of joy, just brilliant!