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    I'm looking to do a few digital paintings for some animal organisations. I was going to pick the RSPCA, but after some thought (and reading some of the things they've done.. ugh)..I don't know. I don't know many smaller ones, but it'd be nice to help them out. I must admit this isn't a completely selfless act, I need to gain some exposure and it'd be nice to do it through a charity to help some animals. Basically how it would work would be the charity could have customers, have me as an artist, and then the charity would sell the painting to the customer and retain the funds to use for food, bedding, etc. I won't make profit, which I'm fine with, but I would be keen on helping out. Does anyone know any smaller ones? Due to the portraits being digital, I'd be able to do anyone in Australia (already have plans for this sort of thing for a couple of UK shelters too, have a friend who is helping me organise for them), since they'd be emailed the paintings to print and sell at their HQ/centre.

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    Australia-wide Rescue Directory - PetRescue

    There are 4 pages of rescue orgs it seems.
    This is a very nice idea CL and I hope it works out well for you.


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      Ahh thanks I hope it does, it'd be nice for everyone to get some more exposure.


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        I've adopted a kitten through 'little paws kitten rescue' .. they have a facebook page. Aside from the rspca (which everyone knows about anyway) that's the only smaller one I've had any dealings with.


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          I foster for 'south east Queensland animal rescue'. She's one woman doing a hell of a job!


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            what Chubb Security said.

            Check out the rescues in your area - ones close to you and then make an offer to the ones you like. Start with just the one - and see how it goes.

            There are a couple around Adelaide that do this - they have artists who do portraits or who offer commissions for auction - ie supporters bid for the right to have a portrait done of their fave critter, and the proceeds go to the rescue org.

            This person does a lot of illustrations for charities and auctions too.