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Dog and cat living together?

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  • Dog and cat living together?

    Hi there I have a 5 year old foxy Lucy. My daughter is coming to live with me she has a 6 year old cat Shelley.
    I am after some ideas of how to make Lucy ( who has attitude) and Shelley ( who also has attitude) to be able to live together?
    They are arriving in 2 weeks.

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    I find most of the time when they are in the house together they will work it out for themselves pretty quickly.

    Things you could do is maybe put a baby gate in one or more of the doorways so the cat can retreat to her own room when she feels the need. Other than that, as long as they have their own food and drink bowls and their own regular sleeping spots, etc chances are that they will calm down quickly after the initial excitement.

    Cats loathe moving though. Kindest thing to do is to keep her in the one room for a couple of days or until she stops sulking. You really don't want her to meet the dog when she is bound to be extremely cranky. When she looks more calm and settled, introduce them with a barrier in between first perhaps.

    Good luck! I love having dogs and cats living together.


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      Thank you for those tips


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        You are breaking every single law of the universe by trying to make dogs and cats co-exist. Every dog on the planet has a God given right to dislike cats and they should be applauded for their dedication to the cause!

        On a slightly more serious note I think it comes down to individual dogs. Our farm dogs used to chase our cats at any opportunity, although I doubt they would have won the argument if they'd ever caught one. My current dog and my last dog seemed to simply see cats as other dogs and wanted to play with them - I don't think the cats felt the same way though LOL

        I'm sure there will be better replies(like beloz's above) coming haha


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          As Beloz said let the cat settle in a little first and have a safe place for her to go.

          Lucy will have to accept that Shelley is now part of the pack whether she likes it or not and Shelley will need to learn to respect Lucy's space. When they're first introduced maybe put Lucy on a leash just as a precaution if she has a go at Shelley correct her if it's the other way around then correct Shelley, a quick tap on the nose usually lets my cat know when she's doing something wrong. When they've gotten a bit more used to each other then let Lucy off the leash and see how they go. To insure that they continue to get along make sure they have plenty of toys and things to keep themselves entertained especially when you're not around, idle paws = mischief.

          I hope all goes well cats and dogs can become really great friends which is always nice to see.