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    I was putting my daughter to bed when Banjo came in all excited whining and running back and forth between me and the front door. By the time I got up, my friend had already let her out the backdoor and the side gate. And reported that she bolted out and came back a minute later with the cat by her side. I then saw Banjo repeatedly nozzle the cat as if to check that she was OK. Aww!

    There appears to be a bully cat around here who isn't happy about my cat having moved into his territory. And I always send Banjo out to stop the fight because it would take me ages to find them in the dark. I do get the cat in at night but sometimes my friends forget to keep the door closed.

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    That's adorable


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      OMG! Are you ok?
      Show me where it hurts!
      I love the concern of Dogs when Catty friends are involved in a scuffle.


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        Hehehehe it's not only dogs that can do that. We have a goose that lives a few doors up and he lets his cats out of a night and never really looks after them. The cats look feral and one even got put down in a shelter because of its looks and lack of chipping. Well, we caught the lady next door buying food for them in the supermarket the other day. Well worth a good laugh... "I know, I know I don't really even like cats but they are cute and they bump my legs when I'm gardening. I don't want to encourage them but..." stammer stammer.


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          Banjo doesn't normally show the cat any attention at all, so it is cute that she seems to understand her role as protector.


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            Haha. Luke protects our cat Freya from visiting dogs. If they look at her wrong, he'll calmly walk between them and/or give the dog a boss grip and/or a little growl to let them know they have to get through him first hehe

            And to think the RSPCA said he could never live with another dog or a cat. I showed them...if I'd sent them an email or something....