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7 1/2 Month Old Still Pulls.

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  • 7 1/2 Month Old Still Pulls.

    Ok here's the deal - I have been trying for ages to straighten out this problem and I think I mentioned it in one of the food aggression posts, but well Bonnie still pulls. In about 2 weeks, she will be 8 months old and she still pulls. Not nearly as much as when she was younger but she still does it and I need it to stop. I have had to put her on a choke chain, and every time she pulls, I give it a jerk and stop. Then when she's good, I start again. I saw this in a book, and it has helped, but not as quickly as it should. I have been trying this method on her since I was sure her neck could handle the chain, (about 4 months). It's only a little tight (the lead) when it's just me and her, but when Lou is with us it's unbearable. It's actually embarrassing to walk her with Lou, she hacks and strains and her eyes bulge. I have tried the short leash but she just doesn't get it. The other day I felt terrible, she gave me a look that said why are you hurting me? and I felt sick. When we're on our own, it's bearable until we meet someone else walking along the street and then she jumps and strains. If she doesn't do that, she crawls along the ground (especially if there's another dog). Any hints?

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    Striker it sounds like your corrections are late on the correction chain.

    Can I suggest another method??? It may look a little weird to an onlooker but i have found if you are consistant it works.
    Hold you lead, and begin walking, as Bonnie gets to the stage where she almost at the end of the lead(about to pull) do a quick about face (pivot 180 degrees) and begin walking quickly the opposite direction, as you change direction if bonnie is not paying attention she will be left behind, give a sharp *pop* on the lead to get her follow you. Continue in the other direction until it happens again and change direction. Usually this doesnt take long. continue doing this until dogs learns to pay attention and walk where it can see you/pay attention to you, usually this is just infront or beside you. When she is in a position you are happy with praise her for doing the right thing and continue with your walk.

    My apologies if this sounds confusing, Its easier to show then explain.
    If i get a chance I will see if i can find footage of this method being demostrated.
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      gawd Striker

      It seems like the choke chain is not helping.

      Could you get a front attach harness and use that?

      Or a martingale collar - which is like a limited choke chain. When it's correctly fitted up high on the neck just behind the dog's ears, you can apply corrections in the manner Netty described without making your dog's eyes pop.

      You also need to stop her from straining like mad. Does she come when you call her - on lead? Just before she gets to the end of the lead, call her back, if she doesn't come, reel her in, and then give her a treat/praise as soon as you get her attention on you "watch me". If there is something she's trying to get to like another dog, you can turn and walk her away from it or you can block her view of it with your body and get her to "watch me" (look at you) instead, and treat/praise for that.

      If you want to stop the pulling, you have to stop rewarding the pulling by letting her continue in the direction she's pulling in. Change direction, stop and block the view. Don't proceed until her attention is back with you.

      Yes walks will be silly walks for a while, but she will use a lot of energy in mental effort until she learns what is required.


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        There was a thread done about this just recently that has some recommended things to try, if you want to have a look.

        I ordered myself the Infin8 Halter just yesterday so I'll be sure to post a review in the forum once we get it and try it out.
        My pooch is 8 months and while he's good majority of the time on our usual walks, he's far too over-enthused when we go to a more populated area.


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          Good luck with the halti Megan, I hope you have as much luck with it as I have, although Meika still has her moments (not pulling) but trying to rub the thing off ! usually when we have stopped for a reason, but she soon fogets it once we start walking again. Our walks are mutually enjoyable now


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            TBH- pulling on leash is very common and I think you need to try other things rather than pull so hard on a choke collar that her eyes are bulging out. She is still very young.

            - do you goto any sort of dog club? I would suggest this for a while (we take our 5 yr old each week)

            - look into other sorts of collars and harnesses. I know people like the Halti- its not my thing however we really like the "no pull harness" Yuppy Puppy Sporn Anti-Pull Mesh Harness There are lots of "no pull" leashes and harnesses- google or get into the pet shop and have a look.

            - the dog star daily has some great pulling stuff Walking in Balance with TTouch | Dog Star Daily its a great site with a wealth of ideas.

            - the idea mentioned above abouyt changing direction often, lots of ttreats for the correct behaviour.