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Toilet training; Doggy Loo

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  • Toilet training; Doggy Loo

    This is an unusual one.
    I adopted my Bull terrier x a couple of months ago. I live in an apartment and I set up a doggy loo on the balcony so he has somehwere to releive himself when I'm not around. Initially I trainined him to always use the doggy loo, the only exception being our morning walks. I did nt want to confuse the message of where is OK to go toilet. He adepated very well. He was 8 months old at the time so sitll in puppy stage

    About three weeks ago I started taking him outside as soon as a get home from work. It has given some great advantages as he now has a quick walk and toilet and we squeeze in a quick training session, Which was workign really well for both of us. However, he has now decided intstead of using the doggy dunny on the balcony through the day, he will hold his wee until I get home from work. I'm now coming home to a very unconforatable, somewhat disobedient puppy. Getting him out of the appartment before he lets go has been tricky and sadly, we taken a couple of steps back in the toilet training.

    Previously we had achieved that lovely stage of no accidents. Now as I try to get him outside as quickly there may be a few nervous squirts in all the wrong places. Note he will still use the doggy dunny in the morning and evening, its only during the day he won't use it. At first I thought it might be the change in weather, making the fake grass hotter and less inviting to stand on. So I moved it to a shadier area. However, that hasn't changed anything.

    How can I get my pooch back on the dunny through the day? While I admire his bladder control, it is increditbly uncomfortabel for him. And stressful for both of us trying to get him to a pee safe zone before his bladder gives out.