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How can I train my Labrador basic commands?

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  • How can I train my Labrador basic commands?

    Hi All,

    Though to check with you guys for some advice.

    I have 1 and half year old Black Labrador.

    How can I teach him some basic commands like come here, sit down, lay down

    When I throw the ball, he goes to catch it but then gets distracted.

    Look forward to your input.
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      I have a 2 year old male labrador too. I had a hard time training him too. His so playful and most of the time stubborn. I thought it was to late to train him but I found something that really help me the proper way of training him.
      Advice on throwing a ball: you need to have two exact the same ball with a squicky sound, so if you throw the other ball and he gets it. Immediately prepare the other ball and squick it until he returns the other ball. just repeat it and make a command like FETCH until he understand it. don't forget to give him treats every after he did it right, that's the important part.
      With my 2 year old Lab I really thought it was too late but Check this out it help me a lot, I hope it will help you too.


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        Here are the Labrador dogs Training tips
        • Keep your training sessions short
        • Stick to a schedule
        • Start with treats–trust me
        • Avoid punishing your Lab
        • Stay in control of your Labrador outside
        • Stay in control of your Labrador outside
        • Use toys correctly to improve your puppy’s behavior