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Help Socialising my Blue Heeler

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  • Help Socialising my Blue Heeler

    Hi there,

    I have adopted a bue heeler, he is 4 months old now.

    This last walk to the park was complete disaster.

    Off lead, we will lash onto any other dog he will see and give them a nip on the ass.

    I have tried and tried to tell him off, he submits everytime, but as soon as he is back on his feet, the nightmare continues.

    I have this 15 year old staffy x red heeler and he has never been a pain like this one is ever.

    I think I need guidance!!!

    Any material, advice etc will be considered,

    I'm thinking of buying one of these but then again, these devices I'm guessing must be used in a particular manner otherwise can make things even worse correct?


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    Blue heelers nip It's a breed thing, although you can teach them some self control in time. He is also only 4 months old - very much a baby who doesn't understand patience etc.

    There are classes you can take, guided by trainers, that can teach you how to teach your puppy how to behave around others dogs, greet them etc. The benefit of extra eyes who might spot something going on you are not aware of, and can help you find suitable playmates for your puppy.

    Not sure where you are in Victoria - I'm in Melbourne so here's a few places I've seen and am familiar with (all slightly different, so check out the websites to see if one appeals more):


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      Hope your going well with your dog. I have a red heeler, she is the same, she won't attack another dog unless it shows aggression first, then she wants to fight. She is going to Alpha dog training, for my Kelpi, who was the opposite,, (scared of other dogs)n I take her to K9 who are also excellent. With the heeler, I was told under no circumstance at this point can she be let off the lead, for her own safety and the safety of other dogs. Good luck with your heeler, there a beautiful loyal dog.