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toilet training issue

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  • toilet training issue

    i have two 16 week cavoodles. one of them is very intelligent whilst the other holds her pee until shes spies an opening into the house, then rushes in and pees inside. i don't know what to do.

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    Toilet training is not really that difficult to achieve. It just takes consistency, perseverance, repetition, a robust sense of humour, kindness in training and high value treats.
    Remember, these 2 puppies are still just babies. They have the attention span of a gnat. So, take that into account when training. Training should be fun for you all and not a tedious ‘chore’.

    But, sometimes we miss a step in our toilet training method with pups. Very young pups need to be taken outside to toilet often. I suggest you put these pups on lead when you are taking them out to toilet.

    You will probably need to go right back to basics and start the toilet training from the beginning again – particularly the so-called ‘norty’ pup.

    OK – So what I have found to work for my pups:
    1. Use a code/command word for toileting. Timing is important here. Code/command word first – then when pup is actually toileting – wait until finished – then praise and treat.
    2. Never acknowledge/yell/correct the pup for a mistake inside. Just ignore it. Take the pup outside and then clean up the mess.
    3. Always take the pup out after it first wakes up, after food and after a drink – then at regular intervals at other times. Always take the pup out just before bed time.
    4. Always acknowledge/praise correct toileting outside. This is not only when you take the pup out at night, but if you are in the yard and you see the pup correctly going to the toilet during the day. Even my boy and my girl still get a random ‘Good Boy/Girl’ when they toilet outside.
    Good Luck ! These links may also help ! Patience, practice, kindness and perseverance will work.


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      You have to train them while they are young. Give them a reward such as food while doing such as act like peeing in the right place. Record the time when and where they pee because it will be their habit. Never hit or hurt the puppy and be a parent. There is a spray which you can buy to make them pee where you sprayed the product. I don't know whats the magic but it really works.