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Pup is too noisy at dawn walk

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  • Pup is too noisy at dawn walk

    I take dogs out for a walk at 5.30am.
    I for many good reasons wont change the time.
    6 month pup is so excited, hes making lots of noise, waking neighbours. It IS noisy.
    Today I heard a man shouting to shut my dog up from his bed. Weve moved temp. Into a housing estate from rural.
    High drive pup, unable to cap it yet as too young AND I need him to shut up.
    Nerves of steel. Really great temperament clicker trained working line pup.
    Any recommendations?

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    Make him carry something, make it a job... A good high quality bumper. it is what I did with a yapping BC in agility, made him carry a small bumper.... Changed his habit, he stopped barking. I reward several times for the "carry" and "pick it up" and "retrieve". Retrieve after the pup is quieter.
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      Thanks Newfie.
      But a odd coincidence has occurred. Yesterday got home to a voicemail from breeder, that dogs got out, and microchip change of owner had not been processed so they still had his contact details. He dropped eli off. Whilst there, I asked about screaming. And we sorted it in 10 mins. flat. With a correction n command to hold his bumper and out for food treat. 2 reps and hes asking for the bumper to be allowed through gate.
      Breeder is also winner of world champion IPO. He asked me for my criteria: silence
      And supported me in gauging the correction, my 1st was not enough so he tried again. 2nd correction was significantly greater. And bumper use as an alternative behaviour that gets him not only out on walk, but bits of chicken too.
      I love this trainers absolute black n white clarity in communicating with dogs.


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        2nd session of silence please training. And silently left the house, maintained focus. Not a peep out of him till...
        Around the corner came kids dressed up for Halloween and making excited trick or treating racket, and Eli started screaming with excitement. A quick "no" and silence, given bumper and released to say hi to kids. Which is what he really wanted in that moment. Out with juice this morning. Silence! And were done. Hes happy to prance around carrying his bumper, tail held high feeling like a king lol