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Kelpie/Stumpy tail rescue dog aggression advice

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  • Kelpie/Stumpy tail rescue dog aggression advice


    We have had our gorgeous Sassy for 2 weeks, we knew when we rescued her that she was dog aggressive. We have booked a behaviouralist and have given her a check over at the vet to make sure she is not in pain.

    In the last week she has started snapping at humans, only randomly. Her foster mum said she has never had an issue with humans before.

    I believe moving to the city from the country with all its noise and busyness may have made her more agitated.

    The snapping generally only occurs after she has been agitated by other dogs.

    Otherwise she is a very sweet obedient dog.

    I am concerned there is something we have done has made her more agitated and was looking for advice.

    She gets 2 walks a day totalling 1 1/2 to 2 hours but we cannot let her off the lead.

    Thanks for your help

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