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Jax - American Bulldog/Staffy

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  • Jax - American Bulldog/Staffy

    Officially introducing Jax!

    When you are that much of a spunk the hoomans cannot stick to just a few pictures.We needed to show you how beautiful he is.

    He is a 4 year old bulldog x staffy.
    Now Jax is a unique boy with a special process compared to our regular adoptions.
    We are specifically looking for a foster to adopt home and in the very close future he will be attending the best training available to help him feel happy. You wouldn't know it by the smile on his face but jax suffers with anxiety, particularly around children and other animals.
    Currently Jax is in emergency care but since arriving he now needs to find his forever home asap through BSAR.He has some anxiety issues which make the type of home he needs quite specific.
    Jax's new home will need to be free from other animals and children under 10 years. Also keep in mind this little dude snores and snorts so an owner welcoming this is a must 😂

    Jax loves people more than anything and loves to spend his time lounging with you or on you ,playing fetch or his favourite frisbee and is a general lover of the outdoors.
    We cannot say enough how much he loves swimming!
    He has that classic bulldog snore within seconds of relaxing. Jax travels well in the car, is toilet trained and has very good general obedience.

    Foster to adopt is fostering an animal with the intention to adopt. It simply means we are available for Jax's every need and expenses until the adoption is finalized( we also with all our animals offer on going support for life).
    Shortly we will be posting with details on how you can help towards Jax's brighter future.
    Please share and tag your friends,we are sure someone out there would adore him.
    If you would like to find out more or apply to adopt this love bug send us a private message.