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Fostering. Should we, or shouldn't we?

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  • Fostering. Should we, or shouldn't we?

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    Hi 'emma8001' and to the forum ! Hope you enjoy being a member here !

    Have a look at the following link - it may help you with some of your questions:


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      Hi Emma. I have female bitser, possibly a staffy cross, but some other breeds mixed in.

      She doesn't like most strange dogs she meets. I describe it now as her simply not being into small talk. I'm able to manage it on walks now. She is well trained and gets walked off lead every day. I actually find it far easier to manage dog greetings when she's off leash, but I did heaps and heaps of recall training before she developed this social awkwardness.

      I started fostering dogs a year ago. The first one, a young wolfhound cross pup, she growled and snarled at a lot for the first week. It was quite upsetting because I didn't know how it was going to progress. After that first week she was fine with him. The second foster pup, she put in her place a few times in the first days, then they became best friends. And even after a break of a few months, when we got our third pup, she growled at her once the first day and that was it.

      But I do think it is important that you feel confident about your control over your own dog. And it is much easier if the resident dog can help teach the foster some basic doggy manners by example.


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        Hi Beloz, thanks so much for your post! Definitely food for thought, particularly regarding the resident dog helping the foster dog with manners. I don't think our dog would help much in that area... I guess he is good around the house though.

        How did you go about introductions?


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          I always intended slow introductions, but due to circumstances just ended up chucking the dogs together. Not a strategy is recommend if you can avoid it.

          I planned to follow the strategy that a behavioural trainer taught me. Both dogs on lead, walk them parallel to eachother at a 'safe' distance, block the dog's view of the other dog if they tense up, then decrease the distance between the two dogs. Then very short greetings (5 seconds max), walk away and repeat. I never had another person to help me though.


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            Just curious whether you needed up getting one?


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              If you did, can you share your experience please