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Deshedding Shampoos stripping the top coat

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  • Deshedding Shampoos stripping the top coat

    Hi all, I've been a groomer for 18 years I have sampled and bought my first deshedding shampoo (Petway) I have been very happy with their products but have never thought of needing a deshed shampoo until I sampled theirs on my border collie who gets groomed & deshedded very often & has always had a healthy shiny coat. I was very happy & it worked a treat & so I bought a bigger bottle

    3 days later and I'm still noticing his healthy top coat coming out in clumps!

    Is this normal? Does anyone else experience this? How long do these shampoos work for?
    Yes, it is summer right now & yes most of his undercoat has gone...but I've never seen any of my borders shed their top coat like this. I'm a bit worried & also reluctant to use on clients dogs as although it works, I can only imagine their house floors days later too!

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    Hi Juju, fellow groomer here but I've only been professionally grooming for almost 4 years.

    I've heard a lot about de-shedding shampoos, mostly Petway's one and Progroom's new one called 'FurEx'. I have never used either of them though.

    I've heard so many groomers raving about both products saying they are really awesome, never heard of issues of the top coat (guard hair) coming out... that seems not only unusual but un-natural to me... Perhaps something to bring up with PetWay themselves?

    I love and use Pro Groom shampoos on my clients dogs and I have actually just ordered some FurEx the other day to try on my Aussie Shepherd to see what everyone is raving about... He too is well maintained with a lovely coat, so I am curious to see what difference FurEx makes, if anything to his coat.


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      I'm not sure it's good to interfere too much with a dog's natural coat management. I think brushing is good and the occasional bath (not more than once a month with shampoo/detergent) - I like to use something that is good for sensitive skin and won't irritate the eyes.

      The key thing if you use anything other than water - is to make sure you rinse thoroughly. Otherwise it's going to damage the skin or hair. So if you've deep massaged it in, you need to deep massage rinse it out - a superficial rinse is not going to be enough.

      And my dog has a fairly waterproof coat so it's not easy. A test for me is did I leave some sand (post beach) if so - I haven't done a good enough job - but all that coat has had is salt water and sand (who likes rolling in it?) and then fresh water (with town supplied chlorine (acid)).

      from the furex (try getting google to cough up that and not USA stock market) things that scare me in bold.


      Cleanse is a deeply penetrating yet gentle shampoo designed to cleanse and neutralize the ionic charge within the coat and remove all dirt, odour, and excess sebum. (how does a shampoo know what is "excess) This prepares the coat for loose hair removal and begins the deshedding process.


      Release contains Protein ingredients which fill in damaged or rough areas of hair cuticle making a smooth surface (this is just strange) that permits easy release of loose coat. Advanced silicone ingredients provide slip and allow dead coat to slide out with little or no force.(you varnish the coat and then it falls out - yikes).


      Close is a mildly acidic silicone conditioning spray further seals the hair cuticle and promotes maximum release of tangled and collected hair within the coat. Spray application allows the groomer to adjust the amount of product applied to different areas of the coat as needed. (sorry acid and seals - does not compute does not compute)
      things that scare me from their page:
      From their myths page -
      Sure, if you apply a concentrated shampoo, undiluted, directly onto a dog with sensitive skin it could cause irritation, so it is important to follow directions for use on labels.

      From the product page for the shedding shampoo - points that scare me.
      It contains natural essential oils to stimulate follicles to release hair while moisturising and hydrating the skin. Has a lovely fresh lily and pomegranate fragrance.

      Concentrated formula


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        I'm thinking that if large amounts of coat are falling out - that someone washed their dog with this stuff as if it was baby shampoo and not hair depilatory (make hair fall out), and did not follow the directions and did not rinse nearly enough.

        Ps this is the vet take on it. You still have to brush your dog.

        PPS just for fun

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          I don't think these products are designed to replace brushing a dog entirely, more to aid groomers with serious cases that need serious desheds! Biggest positive I've heard is most of the deshedded hair loosening up and coming out in the bath as opposed to spending an 30+ minutes trying to blow the hair out which then creates a hair storm which us groomers then breathe in and ugh, it's just gross. Masks help to a degree but I still get hair in my mouth and up my nose.

          Furex may never be a product I use on clients dogs, it may be something I use once and never touch again, but I'd still like to try it.

          Speaking of using dog products on people though... haha! I use Melanie Newman shampoos on my dogs (they're absolutely amazing, I'd use them on clients dogs too if I could afford it). But I have used them on my hair and it really is great! Super soft silky hair, soo good! Melanie Newman's charcoal scrub is surprisingly good too... I thought it was a bit of a gimmick until I tried it on Finn and Koda... They have never felt softer than after I've used that scrub on them! I would try that on myself too, haha!


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            Hello, I strongly recommend Drooly sheat magic everyday shampoo this shampoo is ph balanced to avoid irritation , cleans and deodorises the coat with a lovely heavenly vanilla blossom fragrance. Soap-free. Soft and gentle for regular use. It is is easy to lather and the vanilla smells is lovely. It's even better when followed up with the Yours Drooly Vanilla Conditioner. It is soo nice combination these products, makes my dog hair feel and smell beautiful! You can buy it online from this web site:
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