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  • Toy Poodle Adult Coat

    5 month old Toy poodle
    When can i expect her Adult coat at what age
    I'm bathing her once a week, because that makes her hair nice and fluffy

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    oooooh paging maddogdodge <- knows all about the coats and poodle coats.


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      Ahh the dreaded coat change. My Standard Poodle is going through this right now and it's a nightmare!

      Poodles generally start coat change around 10 months old (although it can start anywhere from as early as 6 months to as late as 12 months). Once coat change starts, your pup will suddenly start forming knots and matts in her hair almost overnight. If you want to keep her hair long, you'll have to brush and comb daily and continue bathing weekly. Using a good conditioner will help a lot too! When brushing, make sure you're brushing/combing right down to her skin, not just skimming over the top.

      Coat change can last a long time too... for some dogs it will be over in a month or so, but for others it can take up to 6 months or longer before it's over. My boy has been going through coat change for about 3 months now and I think he's just at the tail end of it finally! I ended up clipping his body short in December because I couldn't keep up with how quickly his hair was matting.


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        That would be a great deal of grooming for a Standard Poodle, my little girl's hair grows so fast, I've been clipping her feet every 4 weeks.
        I brush her daily but can't find a long tooth metal comb to buy.
        Which shampoo would be best on her,
        I've heard baby shampoo or any human one is OK, I use one from Woolies for puppies at the moment.


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          Here's a good comb. I buy heaps of grooming products from here, their service is great!

          Most dog shampoos are good. Baby shampoo is okay but not any human shampoo.

          The brands I use are ProGroom, Pure Pets and Aloveen. PAW and FIDOS are also good brands. I've heard good things about Pet Head shampoo but haven't tried it.

          Also once coat change does come along, this is the best detangling spray on the market, I'd highly recommend it!


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            Thanks for the links maddogdodge, I'll look into those today