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  • Cheap dog dryer

    So i'm starting to build my dog grooming business from just grooming occasionally for friends, to hopefully something a lot bigger. I'm currently looking into buying more equipment that i will need to go pro. I know what dryer i would ideally like, (The lazor RX, its not overly flash however i've used it on many dogs before and it does a great job and i really like it) however i'm not sure if i can afford to get that dryer plus the other equipment i need right now. I'm thinking I might buy a cheaper one for now, and use it for 6-12 months until i have the spare money to buy the dryer I want. So i was wondering whether anyone has any experience with this dryer.

    NEW Portable CAT DOG Grooming Dryer Heater Blaster PET Hairdryer Hair Blower | eBay

    It doesn't sound too different from the Lazor RX but it would be good to hear from people who have used it before. Hopefully someone on here has used one of these cheap dryers from ebay before, and can let me know what they think of it

    My logic is, a cheap dryer and all the other stuff i need is better than a more expensive dryer without all the other stuff i need.

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    What sort of vacuum cleaner have you got at home ? Can it be reversed - to blow instead of suck ?

    Then you can also look at second hand:

    Pet dryer - Lazor RX variable speed with heater | Pet Products | Gumtree Australia Banyule Area - Macleod | 1041279746
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      Thanks so much Riley!
      I searched for 'dog dryer' on gumtree but didn't find any results, i should have been more specific and i would have found the one in the link you posted.
      I just picked up the one in the link, its in great condition and i got it for $70, total bargain
      Thanks for posting the link to it


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        woohoo-dancing-banana-smiley-emoticon.gif The one you wanted and cheaper than advertised ! Love it !


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          Gotta love a bargain.


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            It's a cool initiative. Good luck.